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How Okta expanded their pipeline and tested 2399 candidates

“Candidate experience is great, the tool is very versatile and robust. It’s amazing how great the interns did this year.“

Kathy Mason, University Recruiter

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How Dolby saved time by evolving their hiring process

“We had an initial trial, we gave it to our engineers and said to go and play with it, try to break it. We created a bunch of initial tests that we found useful as we began incorporating Codility into our hiring processes.”

Stephen Byrne, Lead Recruitment Manager

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How finleap streamlines technical hiring for its diverse ecosystem

“With Codility, we’ve gone from an engineer taking 3 weeks to start an assessment to just 2 or 3 minutes.”

Tom Moore-Stanley, Recruiting Lead: Technology, Product & Design

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How Ocado Technology Finds the Best Tech Candidates

“We’re hiring for roles in Software Engineering, Product Management, Mechanical, and Electronic Engineering, and Data Science to name but a few. Being able to quickly filter out applications so only the most suitable candidates move forward to meet our hiring managers is helpful.”

Emily Bowers, UK Recruitment Manager

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How M1 Assesses Internal Tech Skills to Drive Digital Transformation

“One of the biggest benefits of working with Codility was the ability to align with experts to customize our assessments”

Ng Chow Yong, Senior Manager, Special Projects

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How Guidewire Maximizes Candidate Quality and Reduces Time to Hire

“Having CodeLive didn’t just make it easy for us to transition to remote hiring—it gives our hiring managers confidence.”

Ian Doyle, Consulting Manager

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How Samba TV Builds Its International Engineering Teams

“We’ve been impressed with all the different features that Codility delivers for us.”

Kristen Huie, Sr. Talent Partner, Global Tech

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How FlixBus Significantly Reduced Time to Hire with New Technology

“We knew we had to speed up the process for our engineers. That’s when we began looking at the market for new recruiting solutions and found Codility”

Brady Richards, Tech Recruiter

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How Avature connected with 698 new candidates

“With our Codility Sponsored Challenge, we were able to put our brand in front of thousands of talented developers and stand out in a fresh, unique way. We’re also really happy with how much exposure we got in the global developer community.”

Denise Dresler, Director of Talent Acquisition

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