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About MSTS

From 1978 to today, MSTS innovated every step of the way with internal accelerators, technology investments and a desire to help businesses reach their full potential. Each year, we help our customers enter new markets, expand their footprint, and globalize their opportunities. Over the last 5 years MSTS started to shift from an engineering culture that was focused on meeting business requirements by the product teams to a product-focused approach.

With that type of growth it only scales so far, you have to work on your processes, mature them.

Challenges that come with fast-paced growth

“We continued to grow our engineering by double digits during the last 3 to 4 years. With that type of growth it only scales so far, you have to work on your processes, mature them. You need to work smarter, otherwise you are spending a lot of time on less valuable interviewing and recruiting, you make some bad hires. Then attrition and turnover become a costly event for an organization. We want to reduce it as much as we can.

Looking for a way to optimize tech hiring processes

MSTS started to look at how to optimize this process. Firstly, hiring managers from the Australian office crafted a technical assessment. It was a good start, but it lacked the necessary skills coverage to be rolled out across the whole organization as well as it needed a certain maintenance and overhead.

“Talking to a recruiter here, she mentioned that our parent company World Fuel Services is using Codility and they introduced it to us.”

What changed after implementing Codility?

MSTS really liked that assessments enable multiple languages to be used which gives candidates the opportunity to use the language that they are fluent in. "Assessments are consistent which is a win for hiring managers – that’s great because it means that we evaluate all the candidates fairly."

I really liked how scoring works, tests are thorough and comprehensive. Similarity checks are great too!

How Codility helps to make informed hiring decisions

There was a singular case where MSTS was looking for a Test Engineer. There were 63 candidates who applied, 16 of them were interviewed but it took as long as 194 days to end up hiring one candidate.

“That saved us a lot of bad hires, we were desperate to fill the position.”

Codility also helps MSTS to assess the seniority of candidates – sometimes candidates have a good talk but they apply to a senior position and their coding doesn’t indicate that they are senior enough for the position MSTS looks for.

Right now the attrition rate is at about 16% annually which is pretty low for a tech company like MSTS.

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