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Hire the right engineers with the right skills to propel your organization forward

Accurately assess your talent pool in a valid, fair, and compliant manner without diminishing candidate experience. Avoid costly mis-hires that waste time and money, and derail your existing team. Codility’s comprehensive suite of assessment tools help you hire the right engineers, the right way.


Evaluate candidates’ actual potential with job-relevant, skills-based assessments, not brain teasers. Identify engineers with AI collaboration skills using our AI assistant, Cody, and assure assessment integrity with our industry-leading cheating prevention and detection, including flexible proctoring.


Assess teamwork and communication skills, logic, problem-solving, AI collaboration skills, and knowledge of architectural and theoretical concepts. Gain deep insights into how candidates will work with and contribute to your team.


Run engaging, efficient, and secure recruitment events to fill your funnel with the best early-career talent. Bolster your employer brand with custom branding, and keep talent pools and developer communities engaged during low or no hire periods.

  • Purpose-Built for Enterprise

    Achieve the customization you need to hire your way, while upholding the highest standards for data privacy and security, compliance, DE&I, accessibility, and legal defensibility.

    Our global team of assessment experts partner with you to develop and implement a technical hiring strategy that’s right for your organization.

  • Science at the Core

    Make more objective, evidence-based hiring decisions with Codility. Every task in the Codility Content Library is thoughtfully designed by in-house assessment engineers and reviewed by expert, PhD-level I/O psychologists for quality and fairness.

    Each task is continually tested for solvability by generative AI with our dynamic TryAI service.

  • Engineering the Future

    AI is changing the way the world operates – and it’s changing the hiring process as well. With tools like an AI assistant to identify engineers with AI collaboration and prompt engineering skills, plus the first generative AI-resistant task library, Codility helps you find the candidates with the skills you need today – and for what’s coming.


Work How You Want with Codility Integrations

The Codility platform provides seamless, efficient workflows with the tools you already use so you can reduce time spent on administration and achieve better adoption and faster time-to-value.

Leading with I/O Psychology

Your ability to make evidence-based hiring decisions is only as good as the data informing them. That’s why Codility employs the most experienced I/O psychology team in the industry to lead our product, content development, and insights teams. This means that every task, feature, and functionality of the Codility platform has been reviewed to mitigate bias, promote a fair and positive candidate experience, and collect the most relevant signals of candidates’ skills. As assessment science experts, our PhD-level I/O psychologists consult with customers on critical research and training initiatives including:

  • Assessment strategy & design
  • Validation studies
  • Adverse impact studies
  • Technical interviewer training

Pay for What Matters Most

Whether you’re scaling teams at a global enterprise, or just getting started; we tailor your plan to your hiring needs and processes.

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