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Develop Your Technical Teams with Actionable Insights

Building successful engineering teams for the enterprise starts with selecting the right talent and investing in reskilling and upskilling programs. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, CodeCheck empowers you with knowledge about coding ability, skill gaps, and helps you identify leadership or mentorship opportunities to streamline your technical workforce management.

Hire Right

Find candidates with the right skills and increase efficiencies within your high-performing teams so they can focus on solving real-world engineering problems.


Scale Efficiently

Advance only the most qualified candidates for your roles. Reduce time-to-hire and avoid the time, expense, and disruption of making a bad hire.


Identify Skill Gaps

Analyze where critical skills reside across multiple teams. Assess the efficacy of L&D initiatives and spot mentoring and leadership opportunities with a thoughtful approach to internal technical assessments.


Powered by Assessment Science

The most in-demand languages and frameworks available, including style, multi-stage, and generative AI assessments developed by Ph.D. I/O scientists and assessment engineers.

Superior Security & Cheating Detection

CodeCheck boasts a fully AI-resistant task library, proctoring, plagiarism detection, suspicious behavior flags, test playback, and ID verification features.

Purpose-Built for Enterprise

CodeCheck offers the scale and control you need with role-based permissions, team management, and global settings for a consistent and compliant testing experience for candidates.

Data-Driven Candidate Reports

All reports show how candidates solve assessments and are graded for correctness, performance, and complexity to help you make informed hiring decisions.

Seamless Integration

We partner with leading HR tech providers like Greenhouse, iCIMS, Lever, and more to help you build smarter workflows and improve the way you work.

Fully Customizable

One size does not fit all. Customize workflows for your hiring needs to effortlessly manage teams and regions, and leverage our expert content – all tested for AI solvability with our TryAI service – or build your own.

CodeCheck helped us fill technical roles with quality candidates, fast-tracking our process. We could quickly determine if the candidate had the right technical aptitude, and we were able to detect any cheating attempts and avoid potential mis-hires. Overall, we screened over 8,000 applications in less than 3 weeks.

Lydia Omollo

Talent Acquisition Advisor


Codility allows us to find the right candidate from a DE&I perspective. Technical assessments are all about qualifying candidates, eliminating unconscious bias, and focusing on skills. With Codility, we use a scientific selection process driven by the result, not by the first impression.

Pavitra Rathakrishnan

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist


We managed to cut down the speed-to-hire from 100 days in Canada to 70-80 on average by using CodeCheck and CodeLive. We also see a dramatic change in Europe – going from 60-70 days to 40-50 days from application to the start day. This way, we’re making sure we are not missing out on the most qualified candidates.

Boryana Borisova

Talent Acquisition Manager


CodeCheck is Purpose-Built for Global Enterprises

The world’s largest enterprises leverage CodeCheck’s results-driven technical assessments to secure top engineering talent 2.5x faster and build high-performing teams that fuel exceptional business outcomes.

Customer Story

Unity Success Story

Learn how Unity saved 2,200 hours of recruiting time over 90 days with Codility.

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