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Web-based and accessible coding environment

Give candidates the experience they expect from an online programming assessment.

Language-agnostic scoring

Candidates can toggle the task to their programming language of choice.

Built on Monaco

With tools like advanced autocomplete, multi-cursor, text completion, and find & replace.

Test and compile code

Candidates can test their solution against example tests and get instant feedback.

WCAG 2.1 AA compliant

Dark mode, light mode, screen readers, & interface walk-throughs provide accessibility to candidates.

Codecheck IDE screenshot
Flexible Task Completion

Your candidates can attempt, revisit and complete tasks in any order.

Guided Platform Tour

Perfect for first-time users. Your candidates can familiarize themselves with the platform by taking a tour and a demo test.

Advanced Code Editor

Improve your candidate experience with a responsive text editor: Monaco.

Autosave Functionality

Your candidates’ progress is autosaved reducing the risk of a connection loss or user error.

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Test developer skills

Instant access to see how your candidate stacks up.

Instant Scores & Playback

Does their code work? Our scoring methodology fairly evaluates solutions so you can compare each candidate’s real skill.

CodeCheck Instant scores
Suspicious Activity Flag

Our fraud prevention and plagiarism detection tools give you confidence without sacrificing candidate experience.

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Anonymize PII

Mitigate screening bias by anonymizing candidate info from your hiring team’s view so they focus on what counts: skill.

CodeCheck Anonymize PII

Integrate CodeCheck into your HR tech stack

Accelerate time-to-hire and build smarter workflows by integrating your applicant tracking system and communication tools with CodeCheck. Or, use our API to create a custom integration for your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are programming tests useful when screening developers?

Successful hiring decisions are made based on a candidate’s ability to write efficient code. Therefore, online programming tests are used to give candidates the opportunity to prove their technical skills relevant to the job, and speed up hiring decisions by automating scoring and adding TA-approved compliance.

When is CodeCheck typically used in the hiring process?

CodeCheck is designed to help you screen candidates for your technical roles so you can decide who you want to advance to the next stage. Typically, candidates are invited to complete a CodeCheck test as part of the qualifications for a later interviewing round. CodeCheck can also help in hiring recent graduates as the first step of the interview process, in place of a resume screen.

How does CodeCheck help me provide a great candidate experience?

The best candidate experiences are delivered in hiring processes that are fast, relevant and transparent. Using CodeCheck, you can build hyper-realistic, role-based programming tests to screen candidates fairly and in a coding environment that, they are familiar with.

Can I create my own tasks?

In addition to the 1,500+ validated tasks on the platform, users can create their own tasks in various formats, including multiple response, multiple choice, and essays. Coding tasks can be in the classic challenge-style function-based format or a more real-life-like unit test-based format.

Are the coding tasks resistant to generative AI?

Customers can filter tasks based on their resistance to being correctly solved by AI, classified as low, medium, and high.The Codility Content Team aims for high resistance when developing new tasks and continuously replaces the ones underperforming in this aspect.

Can I use tasks that are progressively more difficult as the candidate solves them?

Yes. There is a multi-stage task category where candidates demonstrate their skills by completing sub-tasks, or requirement sets, that increase in difficulty. This way, problem-solving tasks are more engaging, better simulating software development’s iterative nature, and more accurately detect a candidate’s true skills.

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