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Refactor your tech hiring

Codility is a software platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers assess their candidates' skills by testing their code online.

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Codility helps you refactor your tech hiring
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Tech Recruiting Made Efficient

Empower recruiters, save engineering hours, and deliver better experiences to your candidates.

Accurate Insights for Hiring Managers

Accurate Insights

The most important thing in tech recruiting is having reliable insights to make sound decisions. Codility generates automatically scored reports about each candidate's coding abilities, empowering the whole team to gauge technical skills. This means only qualified candidates make it to in-person interviews, saving tons of engineering hours.

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Faster Workflows for Tech Recruiters

Faster Workflows

Tech recruiting is high-pressure. Whether you're running hiring campaigns for different roles, many openings, or multiple locations, it's crucial that you are able to recruit easily and at scale. Integrate Codility's tech recruitment platform with your applicant tracking system and daily productivity tools to ensure seamless workflows and no time wasted.

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Candidates are empowered to perform their best

Perform Your Best

Whether completing a technical screening, interview, or training session, candidates feel pressure to perform their best. We’ve designed our candidate interface to be simple and intuitive, based on key issues candidates often experience. And through our Programmers' Home, we offer free global coding challenges and lessons to help candidates prepare.

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What's New?

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What Developer Candidates Care About Live Webinar

Tune in to this panel discussion on October 23rd to learn what software engineers value the most in job opportunities.


The Art of Hiring Developers Ebook

Insights and tips for how to fine-tune your recruitment process when filling front-end, back-end, and DevOps roles.

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San Francisco Tech Recruiter Meetup

Join us on October 22nd for complimentary drinks and bites, and a panel discussion on diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech recruitment!

Using Our Full Tech Recruiting Platform

Language-agnostic code testing for correctness and performance across all engineering roles and seniority levels.

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Customer Success Stories

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How Avature reached 700 candidates

Avature worked with Codility to deploy a Sponsored Challenge, boosting overall employer branding.

Case Study
Flatiron Health customer success story

How Flatiron Health saved 430 hours

Flatiron Health wanted to reduce the interviewing hours spent on each university recruiting season.

Case Study

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