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Make the best decisions for your team with skills-based technical assessments

Apply our rigorously researched skills-based framework to efficiently skill-map teams, identify skill gaps, assess candidates, and build the team you need today with the skills for tomorrow.


Empowering Global Enterprises
to Build Great Engineering Teams

From job-specific skills screening to world-class technical interviews, our customers trust the predictive power of Codility assessments to skill-map, hire, and develop their technical teams.

Assessment science for all

Our industry-leading team of industrial-organizational psychologists has infused every aspect of the Codility platform with rigorously researched yet accessible assessment science. Our goal is to enable all Codility customers to succeed with evidence-based assessment practices. 

Faster, fairer and more effective evaluations.

Skills front and center

Embrace the skills revolution with our innovative Engineering Skills Model, skill-mapped content library, and technical interviews designed with interviewer tools and standardized workflows to let data, not subjective impressions, drive your decisions.  

Broaden your talent pool and future-proof your teams.

Leading in AI readiness

AI has changed engineering forever. At Codility, we meet our customers where they are. From heightened assessment security to identifying and evaluating the skills to work with, build and integrate AI tools – we’re helping tech teams adapt and thrive in an AI-driven world.

Develop emerging and in-demand skills like AI prompt engineering
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One Platform for All of Your Technical Assessment Needs

Bring your integrated skills strategy to life. From validating candidates’ minimum required skills, to conducting structured technical interviews and skill-mapping internal teams, Codility is the comprehensive solution for every stage of your technical assessment journey.

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The structured technical interview is the cornerstone of any technical skills evaluation and the most predictive assessment of future job performance. Loved by hiring managers and candidates alike, Codility is built to give you real insight when comparing top candidates.

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Screen & skill-map

Asynchronous role-specific skills assessments empower managers to efficiently and accurately snapshot the technical skills of their candidate pool and internal teams. Quickly qualify top candidates into the next round and spot skill gaps and surplus on internal teams.

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Elevate your top-of-funnel strategy with engaging, beautifully branded high-volume campus recruitment events to quickly identify top early-career candidates. Bring together internal teams in friendly competition and team bonding with engaging coding challenges.

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