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About Asseco

Asseco is one of the largest corporations in the technology sector quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It was established in 1991 and provides computer software to the banking industry.

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Codility is the most important element of our selection process.
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It allows us to screen hundreds of candidates and pick the most talented ones, based on their technical skills.

The Challenge

Initiated in 2016, Asseco Starter is the internship program for talented students and graduates from technical colleges. Top candidates are snapped up in 7 days, so the recruitment team needed to act fast.

The team decided to use Codility for accurate screening and cheating and plagiarism prevention, without the risk of damaging the candidate experience.

The Implementation

The application process for Asseco Starter kicks off in spring. Every candidate receives a take-home assessment with CodeCheck testing their coding skills.

Anna and her team have a robust library of tasks in different languages and technologies to choose from. “We can easily choose the tasks we need without engaging our hiring managers’ time,” says Anna.

Once the screening process is finished, the team used to invite candidates on-site, but now they’re planning to start using CodeLive as a shared, live, development environment for remote interviews.


The Results

In 2020 alone, the number of internship applications exceeded 1,600. Using Codility allowed the team to narrow this number down to the 24 most talented candidates that took the internship. Out of the lucky 24 interns, 23 got a full-time job once the internship was over. That’s an incredible 95% retention rate.

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We are able to assess our candidates’ skills so well with Codility, that almost all of them are hired.

What Changed After Implementing Codility?

Overall, since the beginning of the program in 2016, Asseco conducted over 3,600 CodeCheck assessments and employed 24 top university graduates.

Over 70% of the interns still work for Asseco, and the team could not be more proud. The company remains one of the most attractive places to work for engineers in Poland, attracting more talent year by year.


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