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Remote Developer Hiring

Run remote interviews face-to-face

Move faster to build relationships with the best developer candidates by interviewing them live in a shared coding editor. This gives interviewers the tools they need to evaluate the candidate’s ability to problem solve, take feedback and communicate technical concepts. At the same time, the candidate is able to engage with your senior engineers, ask questions and get a sense for the engineering DNA of your team.

Don’t wait to bring them onside, run tech interviews remotely to get a head start on your competitors, and get to a hiring decision faster.

Remote Developer Hiring

Validate skills quickly online

Our take-home coding assessments give you an accurate, objective measure of every potential employee’s skills while providing a great candidate experience. These can be taken by the candidate anytime, any place so you can progress candidates to interview stage based on solid evidence.

While traditional screening reviews take 20 minutes per candidate, ours take as little as two minutes. Multiply that by thousands and you’ve just gained precious time for core development projects.

Remote Developer Hiring

Meet students and grads where they are: online

There’s a better way to build your intern and graduate recruitment programs than going on campus. Use online coding competitions to drive excitement and connect with prospective candidates without leaving the office. You run the campaign – we’ll handle the tech.

Products to help you hire at scale

Screen remotely with CodeCheck

CodeCheck gives you an accurate, objective measure of every candidate’s skills and is easy to deploy remotely, with better results.

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Interview remotely with CodeLive

Coding over live video allows interviewers to get to know remote candidates’ and see how they naturally think, collaborate and communicate.

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Source remotely with Challenges

Maximize your impact with online coding competitions. We'll handle the tech, you run the campaign.

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