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Fun & Effective Engineering Events

Built to support your enterprise’s campus recruitment and engineer engagement programs.

Code to Win

Coding challenges with gamified leaderboards stokes friendly competition & engagement for thousands of candidates.

Quickly Assess at Scale

With the Codility Evaluation Engine, beat competitors in identifying top early-career talent with fast, valid hiring signals.

Fast Set Up, Expert Support

Set up CodeEvents on your own in minutes, but our internal experts are always here to support you.

Invite-only or Open to All

Run closed, invite-only events or promote your public registration page to fans and followers.


Using CodeEvent, our Fortune 15 customer had a global team cut their campus recruitment timeline from three months to one month – creating a more efficient experience for talent acquisition teams and candidates.
They even saw an increase in participation compared to the previous year, achieving up to 77% participation.

– Fortune 15 customer

Early career talent is instrumental to our organizational objective of building diverse-thinking and innovative teams. As a trusted partner, Codility helps us in achieving these goals by providing engaging and accurate ways to assess young technical talent at scale with CodeEvent.

– Global Talent Director, Finastra

Up Your (Coding Challenge) Game

Boost engagement in hackathons and campus recruitment programs with the excitement of gamified coding events.

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Win Top Talent

Find the best and offer first. Attract and assess thousands of candidates at virtual and in-person campus recruitment events and job fairs.

Qualified Candidates

Meet DE&I goals with strong, valid hiring signals. Save time by sending only the most qualified candidates to the next round of the interview process.

Easy Admin

Simplify administration of internal hackathons and team engagement. Boost morale with fun, gamified, and competitive coding events.

Brand Building

Build employer brand even during a hiring freeze. Engage candidate communities in stimulating and incentivized coding challenges.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in the EU, and our data privacy is essential. Does Codility ensure that our candidate data is protected? 

As a European company, we embrace strict security and data privacy standards. For us, compliance is just the starting point. We are the only leading technical recruitment platform on the market with US and EU-based data hosting, which means your EU data will stay in the EU. And yes, we’re ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA compliant.

How do I know if the candidates are the right ones for our organization?

The Codility Evaluation Engine is powered by 15 years of assessment science leadership and provides the most trustworthy signal in the industry – this includes CodeEvent. Because our I/O psychologists are embedded in our products, scientific rigor and innovation are in every coding test we create. This means that CodeEvent will ensure the highest standards of fairness, accuracy, DE&I, and accessibility in your coding challenges.

How hard is the tool to set up and implement?

CodeEvent is designed so it’s easy to set up an event in minutes and fit seamlessly into your recruitment and internal engagement programs. Need more support? Our global customer success leaders are your strategic partners in planning and executing world-class campus recruitment and employee engagement events for enterprises. 

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