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Leading with Assessment Science at Our Core

Confidently make evidence-based hiring decisions with a platform backed by the industry’s most experienced I/O psychology team. Assessment science experts assure every task, feature, and functionality is built with fairness, validity, defensibility, and accessibility in mind for trustworthy results and a superior candidate experience.

Strategic Partners

Our team of I/O psychologists are your strategic partners in mitigating bias and promoting a fair and positive candidate experience. Consult with an expert today on assessment strategy and design, validation studies, adverse impact studies, technical interviewer training, and more. LEARN MORE

Beyond Compliance

Local laws that regulate hiring assessments are constantly changing, making it difficult for leaders to ensure their processes are compliant. From DE&I, accessibility, validity, legal defensibility, and emerging AI laws, our team can guide you on best practices that exceed legal compliance to deliver better results and fairer outcomes. LEARN MORE

Guidance on AI Regulations

Generative AI’s widespread adoption and evolving regulations present new hiring opportunities and challenges. Codility proudly embraces the paradigm shift ushered in by these powerful new tools, but we recognize that it’s more important than ever to know if and how AI is used in your HR tech stack. At Codility, we’re shaping ethical use guidance to ensure a fair, human-centered approach to AI in hiring assessments. Read our blog post to learn more.

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Codility Labs

Codility Labs is a cross-functional team of I/O psychologists, content development experts, software engineers, and data scientists. Their mission is to continuously improve measurement signals by innovating new task types and evaluation methods, research and shape tech skill testing best practices, and produce original thought leadership to forward the science of technical skills assessment. READ THE LATEST

Evaluation Integrity

Our Evaluation Integrity team closely monitors emerging trends that may affect the integrity of technical assessments. Guided by assessment science, they proactively engage in experimentation and research aimed at bettering our platform capabilities in preventing, detecting, and innovating around unwanted behavior in a testing environment. LEARN MORE

Measure What Matters

Assessments built to measure the skills required for a specific role at your organization provide the strongest, most valid signal of a candidate’s potential impact. Don’t settle for off-the-shelf assessments when you can easily build job specific, skill-mapped assessments in minutes with Codility and our proprietary Engineering Skills Model.


Having PhD-level I/O psychologists lead assessment content and insights teams at Codility has forged a partnership that is bridging technology, science and human behavior. With this collaboration we’re able to deliver an assessment experience that isn’t only accurate, it’s deeply insightful.

Ilya Sakharov, CTO, Codility

Meet the Team

Neil Morelli, Ph.D.

Chief I/O Psychologist

IO team person

Dr. Morelli has spent more than ten years helping Fortune 500 and venture-backed tech companies create effective and inclusive hiring practices. Specializing in talent assessment technology, Dr. Morelli has designed, implemented, validated, and maintained a variety of assessment platforms, including hands-on skills, mobile, behavioral, and interactive assessments. He has also instructed nearly 200 HR professionals as an adjunct professor at the University of Georgia and has published a dozen peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

Taylor Sullivan, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Product & Assessment Science

IO team person

Dr. Sullivan is a seasoned scientist-practitioner and a passionate advocate for bridging psychology, technology, and business to drive positive impact in talent selection and development. She has over 12 years of experience as a consultant, adjunct professor, and thought leader specializing in applied research and implementation of evidence-based talent solutions. She brings to Codility a track record of expertly balancing strategic thinking with effective execution to deliver innovative, yet practical assessment solutions.

James Meaden, M.A.

Assessment Scientist

IO team person

James Meaden is an I-O psychologist and data scientist with 15 years of experience applying methods from behavioral science and machine learning to enhance the performance of HR functions. He has led the design, development, and validation of innovative assessment tools, including real-time voice-based emotion detection, AI-scored interviews, and automated competency extraction from job applications. James has developed technology and provided consulting services for clients in the public and private sectors on topics ranging from leadership development to employee retention.

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