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The release of ChatGPT has forever changed the way businesses view generative artificial intelligence (AI). On the one hand, there is massive potential to reimagine outdated working methods that hold enterprises back from faster innovation, optimization, and reinvention.

On the other, there are fears that in an effort to make our lives easier, AI could lead to “civilization destruction.” At Codility, we have a more thoughtful, balanced approach to the use of AI in the technical hiring landscape.

The Future of Generative AI & Tech Hiring

Instead of focusing on how we overcome or prevent the use of AI, we’re focusing on how we can work with these tools to unlock human potential in engineering. 

As the only assessment vendor on the market enabling customers to create AI-resistant assessments, we’re committed to constant innovation in all things technical hiring – this includes researching AI’s applicability, impact, and benefits to technical assessment strategies. 

We’re proud to share that our stance on generative AI and AI-resistant assessments was featured PR Newswire this week, including:

  • Our perspective on the use of generative AI for cheating coding tests
  • How we’re future-proofing our product for future developments in AI
  • Why our customers can continue to trust Codility to help them hire the right engineers, the right way

Also included is an announcement about new leaders to our exec team in the US and Europe that will be key players in driving forward our continued growth and success. 

When it comes to maximizing efficiency and driving a competitive advantage, AI offers global enterprises a great opportunity to transform how they hire, work, and innovate. The key to success lies in partnering with solutions that understand the nuance needed to effectively integrate a thoughtful approach to AI in their products – especially when it comes to hiring tech talent. 

Are you using AI in your hiring processes and curious about how AI laws like NYC’s Local Law 144 or the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act will affect your hiring processes? 

We recently hosted a webinar where experts from Codility, Holistic AI, and Nilan Johnson Lewis PA explained the legal considerations of using AI in hiring decisions and what you can do to ensure fair and unbiased assessments.

Click here to watch the recording!

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