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Connect live

Connect with your candidate in CodeLive via a full-screen video call; no downloads or lengthy set-up required.

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Diagram together

Use the shared canvas to create flow charts, ask system design questions, and mock-up quick wireframes.

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Optimize code together

Whether starting from scratch or pasting in sample code, use the shared editor to see how your candidate builds, tests, and maintains code.

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Run structured code interviews

Pull in Codility library tasks or your candidate’s previously submitted CodeCheck solution to dig deeper into how your candidate solves problems.


Run code interviews online

Get valuable insights about your candidates with a secure, reliable online code interview platform that powers all of your technical interviewing needs.

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CodeLive streamline Streamline video conferencing, whiteboarding, and collaborative programming into one simple platform with ease for your candidates.
cl-a-4-min Go beyond screen sharing in an interactive environment and code, diagram and problem-solve with all participants in real-time.
cl-a-3-min Gain insight into how candidates think, problem solve, and communicate by working through their CodeCheck assessments.
cl-a-2-min Your virtual code interviews can be as flexible as on-site with formats like pre-selected tasks, whiteboarding, and diagramming.

Integrate CodeLive into your HR tech stack

Accelerate time-to-hire and build smarter workflows by integrating your applicant tracking system and communication tools with CodeLive. Or, use our API to create a custom integration for your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live coding interview?

Live coding interviews come in various forms. The most general definition is that it’s an interview conducted online, with the candidate and interviewer(s) in separate places. For technical roles, tech interviews focus on understanding the candidate’s technical skills by asking questions that require the candidate to write code, draw diagrams and explain how they solve technical problems. 

What is a whiteboard interview?

A whiteboard interview is another term for a technical interview. In the past, when interviews were mainly conducted onsite, the interviewer(s) would ask the candidate to use a whiteboard to write code, draw diagrams and explain how they solve technical problems, by hand. Using CodeLive, whiteboard interviews can be run effectively online, making it easier for the candidate to share their ideas and draw diagrams on the canvas.

How does pair programming work in CodeLive?

The CodeLive environment is collaborative. Both the candidate and interviewer(s) are able to write, run and test code, diagrams in our canvas, powered by Miro, and utilize the preloaded icon sets (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.). The interviewer(s) control the interface and can move the candidate to different coding whiteboards as needed. In the editor, each person is represented by a different color, and their name is displayed. This way, everyone in the interview can view who is writing code in real-time.