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Evaluate Engineers with Seamless, High-Fidelity Collaboration

In today’s rapidly evolving technical landscape, the ability to effectively collaborate and solve challenges is a critical aspect of a software engineer’s skill set. With CodeLive, interviewers can hire confidently by assessing a candidate’s abilities in collaboration, communication, logic, problem-solving, and comprehension of architectural and theoretical concepts through a high-fidelity, technical interview environment.

Accelerated Hiring

Expedite your hiring process with CodeLive. Conduct efficient technical and system design interviews without compromising on quality.


Enhanced Candidate Experience

Candidates will appreciate the intuitive and interactive CodeLive platform, where they showcase their skills and receive instant feedback, creating a positive and memorable interviewing experience.


Fair and Transparent Evaluations

Ensure fairness in candidate evaluations with a standardized process that eliminates bias and ensures every applicant receives equal consideration. Access a vast array of technical and architectural content suitable for all levels, ensuring every candidate is thoroughly evaluated based on their expertise.


Seamless Collaboration

Foster collaboration amongst interviewers and hiring teams, facilitating real-time discussions and consensus-building during the interview process.


Intuitive and User-Friendly

Once a candidate enters a CodeLive room, they are presented with interactive onboarding that ensures they know exactly what to do. We always have accessibility in mind, and that’s why our platform meets WCAG 2.0 standards.

Run a Standardized Process

Build your hiring process leveraging the strongest signal in the industry. Powered by the Codility Evaluation Engine, CodeLive ensures candidates are fairly assessed using the same standards.

Assess AI Collaboration Skills

Enable our AI assistant, Cody, to see how candidates collaborate with generative AI tools in real time. Leveraging AI to enhance human capabilities is an essential skill for modern engineers.

Automatically Scored Feedback

Make fast, data-driven hiring decisions with auto-generated reports showing what happened and what the interviewer thought of the candidate, which can be shared with your entire hiring team.

Interactive Interview Experiences

Engage candidates using one streamlined tool to whiteboard and pair program during live interviews. Create a better interview experience for your hiring managers and candidates while also getting a holistic view of a candidate’s technical and interpersonal skills after a CodeCheck initial assessment.

Hire with Confidence

Gain an understanding of a candidate’s approach to problem-solving and give them the opportunity to back up their skills in an online or face-to-face discussion.

CodeLive has become a cornerstone of our final round interviews. Our tech hiring is incredibly focused on whiteboarding. The process helps us drill into a candidate’s mindset. We need to understand how they solve problems, not just that they have coding skills.

Ian Doyle

Consulting Manager


Our hiring managers can now not only review the code together with the students, but also understand how they solve problems under stress, or how they utilize their knowledge in real-life situations.

Lisa Brutko

Graduate & Intern Development Program Manager

Bentley Systems

We have many applicants who have degrees in math or physics and less traditional tech backgrounds. Using CodeLive is one of the ways candidates showcase their programming capabilities while giving our hiring managers an opportunity to get to know their style and approach to collaboration.

Emily Bowers

UK Recruitment Manager


CodeLive Powers Fair Hiring for the Global Enterprise

The world’s largest enterprises leverage the strongest signal in the industry to build stronger engineering teams and hire engineers 2.5x faster.


Buyer’s Guide to Skills Assessments

Access valuable insights, expert evaluation factors, and crucial inquiries to make when selecting the right technical assessment platform for your enterprise.

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