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Connect remotely via video

Video and voice capability means your hiring managers can run online code interviews together, remotely and quickly whilst still creating a natural interview experience.


Run live code, together

Interviewers can quickly set up an online room and code together with candidates to assess real-life skills on the fly, in an intuitive and remote way.

Live pair programming in the shared editor allows candidates to prove their real skills while allowing the interviewer to see how they think, collaborate and communicate.


Automatic interview report with fast feedback

Automatic scorecards and feedback forms make interview reports fast, effortless and easy to standardize across distributed teams and offices. 


Flexible formats – for different teams

Your team can choose the right format for their coding interviews:

CodeLive whiteboard mode is fully flexible for interviewers that want to use their own tasks and questions in a free-flowing interactive environment.

CodeLive template mode allows interviewers to start the tech interview with pre-selected tasks ready to go. This also makes it easy to standardize the process.

CodeLive report mode uses your candidates’ CodeCheck screening sessions so they can show interviewers how they’d fix, adapt or optimize their work in a real-life situation.

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