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About Guidewire

Guidewire combines digital, core, analytics, and AI to deliver its P&C platform as a cloud service. And with the largest R&D team, services team, and partner ecosystem in the insurance software industry, Guidewire is continually evolving to meet customer needs.

Having CodeLive didn’t just make it easy for us to transition to remote hiring—it gives our hiring managers confidence

The Challenges of Assessing Top Tech Talent Globally and at Scale

Even though the internal engineering structure is built for efficiency, hiring processes weren’t set up for success as Guidewire adapted to digital demands. With so many new roles to hire for across Guidewire’s global offices, there was a need for more efficient and scalable candidate assessment solutions.

“For a long time, there was a manual test that our hiring teams used to assess candidates for new roles” says Airlie.

Lessons Learned from Rolling Out a New Solution

Having tried and tested, validated technical problems to build assessments out of significantly reduces the time it takes to move candidates to the next stage of hiring. Automating so much of the assessment process makes it easier to find outliers in the candidate pool that turn out to be excellent hires.

What changed after implementing Codility?

The variety of technical and engineering roles at Guidewire has exploded in recent years. With a need to hire for everything from graduate-level positions to senior product development roles, Guidewire needed Codility to immediately improve productivity for technical hiring teams. CodeCheck technical assessments delivered on expectations and scaled seamlessly across hiring teams.

Codility helps us scale candidate assessment at a level that wouldn’t be possible with manual review processes

Seamless transition to remote hiring

Guidewire, like all companies, had to completely change its approach to hiring due to the 2020 global health crisis. For a company that relied so heavily on whiteboarding sessions during onsite interviews, it seemed like a shift to remote hiring would be impossible. But with CodeLive, the team was able to pivot in just 24 hours and keep up its hiring pace heading into Summer 2020.

“CodeLive has become a cornerstone of our final round interviews,” says Doyle. “Our tech hiring is incredibly focused on whiteboarding. The process helps us drill into a candidate’s mindset. We need to understand how they solve problems, not just that they have coding skills. Having CodeLive didn’t just make it easy for us to transition to remote hiring—it gives our hiring managers confidence that they can assess a candidate’s ability to collaborate without meeting them in person.”

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