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Codility helps us remove bias by ensuring a consistent, equal, and fair process for every candidate at LiveRamp.

Erika Thorson Head of Global Talent Acquisition

About LiveRamp

Headquartered in the technology hub of San Francisco, LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform powered by core identify capabilities and an unparralleld network. Liveramp enables companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes.

The use of Codility at LiveRamp definitely saves time.
Less candidates will make it to the on-site stage, meaning less interviews need to be conducted.
That turns into saving engineering time so that they can go out and write code.

Saving Engineering Time

Codility’s remote tech hiring platform helps LiveRamp predict the real-life skills of their candidates, at scale.

“Hiring a developer is usually a much longer and complicated process than hiring any other employee,” says Erika.

This year, LiveRamp received over 7,000 applications which led to over 1,000 Codility assessments and over 100 hires. CodeCheck helped the team screen candidates for their technical roles faster and quickly move them to a later interviewing round.

This brings faster hiring, time savings, and gives engineers at LiveRamp more time to solve problems that matter.

Implementing Remote Tech Hiring

In the age of remote hiring, Codility became the key component of every recruitment process at LiveRamp. 

“Codility has been absolutely instrumental in our remote hiring for engineering,” says Erika. “We figured out not only how to recruit but also interview and qualify tech talent remotely.”

Today, the team uses CodeLive to host technical interviews online so they can run collaborative, live coding interviews at scale. Now the entire recruiting process has been adapted to a virtual standard, without compromising on candidate experience.

“Candidate experience is really what drives me and my team,” Erika says. “Our candidates deserve respect and we want them to be excited about LiveRamp, impressed with our company, even if they don’t get the job.”


What changed after implementing Codility?

The use of Codility saved time, ensured an excellent candidate experience, and provided a consistent and equal process for every candidate at LiveRamp.

“If a company needs to validate technical skills of candidates, Codility is a streamlined way of assessing that talent,” says Erika.

“Our candidates have a phone screen, they take the test, have an interview with a hiring manager and they’re done. As soon as we find the right person, we hire that person to increase our chances of getting the best talent on the market.”
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