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About Safaricom

Safaricom is the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya. With over 29 million subscribers and 5,500 employees, the company prides itself on being one of the leading employers in Kenya.
CodeCheck and CodeLive helped us fill technical roles with quality candidates, really fast-tracking the process.
We could determine if the candidate had the right technical aptitude, we were able to detect any cheating attempts.
Overall, we screened over 8,000 applications in less than 3 weeks.

The Challenge

A graduate recruitment program can build a great pipeline for finding strong, new talent. The leading tech employer in Kenya, Safaricom, built a successful fast-track graduate program, training young adepts in IoT, machine learning, and UX design.

“We have an overwhelming volume of applications but the question is always about the quality,” says Lydia Omollo, Talent Acquisition Advisor.

“We were looking for a platform to help us fill these roles with quality candidates and at the same time, really fast-track the process,” she adds.

Here’s how Safaricom turned to Codility to match the job opportunities with critical skillsets.

The Implementation

With Codility, the team at Safaricom could ditch manual assessments and introduce fast-track hiring that’s fully remote.

Starting with a CodeCheck online assessment followed by a quick CodeLive interview provided a seamless way to reduce the time spent finding new employees and automating the process.

And with Codility’s high-scale plagiarism detection and fraud prevention mechanisms, the team at Safaricom could quickly detect any cheating attempts.

The Results

Safaricom screened over 8,000 applications in less than 3 weeks and hired 230 candidates for the entry-level positions. Throughout that time, the team could quickly detect 24% of fraud results, keeping high standards of the hiring process.
With Codility, we can check if the solution submitted by the candidate is written truly by themselves.
The platform helps us cross-check every solution and compare it against thousands of tests submitted to Codility.
Any suspicious behavior is quickly flagged and reviewed by the team, ensuring the integrity of our recruitment process.

What Changed After Implementing Codility?

Implementing Codility as a part of graduate recruitment automated the process, improved the overall quality of hires, and increased the speed of hiring at Safaricom.

Having a more standardized and transparent recruitment process improved also the overall candidate experience and directly impacted the quality of hires.

“Having a platform such as Codility improves our credibility as the process is fully transparent, fair, and objective for everyone,” says Christopher Karani.

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