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About OLX Group

OLX Group is one of the world’s fastest-growing networks of trading platforms, serving 300 million people every month and operating in 30+ countries across 5 continents.

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When hiring female engineers, we no longer limit ourselves to a single location.
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We can cast a much wider net—reaching into cities or emerging markets that would otherwise be difficult to leverage.
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Engineers can now work remotely for OLX Group so we have a wider pool of talent to begin with.

The Challenge

When Manjuri Sinha joined the company in 2019, the Product, Data, and Technology teams were managing the enormous number of 60,000 applications per year, facing a challenge to keep the screening and interview phases consistent.

There was a need to bring in an objective code assessment platform, set up the requisite libraries, and train all the interviewers. Altogether, that was the path to reduce any unconscious barriers in hiring, and enable a more diverse pipeline of candidates.

The Implementation

With the rise of remote hiring, the team turned to CodeLive to translate the physical whiteboard into the virtual world.

“Following the pre-selection, we started to use Codility assessments to test our mid and senior-level candidates,” says Manjuri.

“CodeLive impacts how our interviewers interact with candidates, it’s more inclusive and it fits perfectly into our strategy to remove any obstacles from the recruitment process.”

OLX Group is also using Canvas, which allows both the interviewer and the candidate to quickly draw diagrams and shapes to translate technical questions on a high level online.



The Results

Today, OLX Group is reaching more diverse talent pools in their virtual recruitment. The team conducted over 386 CodeLive interviews among mid and senior-level candidates, providing an excellent candidate experience with 8.5 net promoter score.

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We stopped rejecting people based on their resumes and became objective by building recruitment around technical skills.
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We often see a CV that would probably be rejected, but then it appears that the code test is passed with flying colors.
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We minimized the risk of skipping good candidates, by giving chances to everyone, regardless of their CV or background.

What Changed After Implementing Codility?

Creating a standardized interview process across different locations not only enhanced a more inclusive work environment, but also prepared the OLX Group Team for the worst – moving into a virtual hiring process during a global pandemic.

But remote work boosted diversity hiring and OLX Group is now able to hire remote workers from a broader pool of candidates, covering more time zones, and reaching more people with diverse backgrounds.

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