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About Zalando

Zalando is Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle. Founded in Berlin in 2008, the company brings fashion to more than 35 million active customers in 17 markets.

Gender diversity is a massive priority for Zalando. This problem represents half of the population of the world.
We looked at Codility to help us battle unconscious bias by assessing all the candidates equally and fairly.

The Challenge

Zalando wanted to build an inclusive recruitment process that would neither compromise the quality of candidates, nor the candidate experience.

Since COVID, Zalando experienced a surge in candidate applications which takes hours of a recruiters’ work. Yasar Ahmad needed to automate the process for better efficiency, making sure that all candidates are judged fairly and in an unbiased way.

The Implementation

Zalando focused on creating a standardized, equal, and unbiased recruitment process with Codility.

First, the candidates receive a take-home assessment to showcase their technical skills. Since 2016, the company sent over 26,000 CodeCheck tests that help them identify top candidates quickly and fairly.

Zalando also conducts remote interviews in a shared, live, coding environment using CodeLive. So far, the team conducted over 6,000 remote interviews using Codility, while maintaining a natural candidate experience.

The Results

Zalando assessed over 26,000 candidates with Codility, mitigating unconscious bias and building a more inclusive workplace. The team also increased the quality of the candidate pool and saved time on screening thousands of applications every year.

Zalando becomes more inclusive with our tech assessments, as we no longer judge individuals by just their CVs.
With Codility we’re getting the right quality of candidates, engaging with those who have the right skill set.

What Changed After Implementing Codility?

Implementing Codility has allowed Zalando to build a more inclusive environment. “Codility assessments allow our candidates to display their skills and showcase if they are experts in a certain language or technology. This is a natural coding environment for every engineer, a space where they can shine, regardless of their background,” says Yasar.

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