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About Tipico

Tipico is the leading sports betting provider in Germany and one of the most exciting tech companies in the industry. Since 2004, the company connects fans to their sports and has transformed itself from a small, innovative bookmaker to an international group of companies with over 6,000 employees.

Tipico and Codility Success Story
When hiring senior developers, we use a platform built by engineers for engineers.
Tipico and Codility Success Story
We know we offer a professional, reliable, and stable environment for every candidate applying to Tipico.
Tipico and Codility Success Story
It’s another cutting-edge technology our engineers want to work with.

The Challenge

Tipico’s engineering team grew to over 250 employees in just a few years. Fueled by a passion for the product and using the newest tech stack, the company needed to hire the most talented senior developers on the market who are able to code in Java, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, or cloud technologies.

When the Talent Acquisition Manager was tasked with figuring out how to hire great senior technical talent, the company was getting thousands of applications every year. In 2019, over 9,000 candidates applied to Tipico’s tech positions.

It became clear that the team needed to refine their filtering process to quickly separate the great from the good.

The Implementation

What started as a pilot program with Codility has gradually developed into a true partnership between talent and engineering teams across the board. Together, they’ve built a strategic workflow for all senior developers applying to Tipico.

The recruiting team introduced take-home assessments in order to quickly dismiss unqualified candidates and fast-track high performers. It also clears the path to move senior candidates to the next stage faster.

Some of the teams at Tipico also implemented CodeLive as a real-time coding environment to gain insight into how senior-level candidates think through technical problems.

The Results

Having a standardized workflow for each senior technical role helped Tipico find exceptional software developers. Out of 9,000 applicants, the company was able to filter out 156 candidates who scored higher than 80% on their coding test with Codility and hired 110 of the most qualified ones.

Tipico and Codility Success Story
Many of our headhunters noticed we raised the bar and consistently keep our hiring process at a high level.
Tipico and Codility Success Story
We finally have the standards and the same criteria for everyone.
Tipico and Codility Success Story
We’re objective, we’re fast and we’re hiring based on our candidates’ real-life skills.

What Changed After Implementing Codility?

The company keeps on hiring even more talented senior engineers, planning to increase the headcount this year.

“The tech industry is a competitive market, but we’re attracting great senior developers, competing with Google, Amazon, or Apple. Our candidates realize our technology is on the same level but you can actually touch on things and make decisions you would never make in a huge organization,” says Jose.

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