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About finleap

finleap was founded in 2014 with the vision to reshape the future of finance. Based in Berlin with offices in Hamburg, Milan, Madrid and Paris, finleap offers fintech SaaS solutions to various enterprises and builds stand-alone fintech companies.

With Codility, we’ve gone from an engineer taking 3 weeks to start an assessment to just 2 or 3 minutes

The Challenges of Hiring for an Ever-Evolving Engineering Team

Even after getting top talent to apply for finleap positions, the recruiting team needed ways to speed up the hiring process. This is why the finleap recruiting team started looking for new technology solutions – to accelerate its skills assessments and reduce time to hire. They discovered Codility and quickly saw results.

Rolling out a new platform: challenges and learnings

With more hiring going remote, it’s important to have a process and the technology to assess a candidate’s culture fit in addition to technical abilities. Maximizing the candidate experience leads to faster assessment processes and streamlines the overall recruitment funnel. Removing subjective grading by using an entirely objective grading system significantly improved the quality and speed of hiring processes. Reviewing code assessments with a candidate leads to insights that you can’t get from a CV alone.

What changed after implementing Codility?

One other benefit of using CodeCheck and the Codility platform to conduct candidate assessments is that the grading system is entirely objective.

Our goal is to give every candidate the best chance to move forward and Codility makes it possible

The Role of Codility in finleap’s Hiring

The primary benefit of implementing Codility has been significantly faster time to hire. Compared to the previous approach to candidate assessment, CodeCheck has given the finleap hiring team a more engaging way to distribute technical case studies that candidates return much faster.

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