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SWIFT is the global provider of secure financial messaging services. With over 11,000 institutions and 200 countries connected, the company is shaping the future of payments and securities.

SWIFT Success Story
Technical assessments are all about qualifying candidates, eliminating unconscious bias, and focusing on skills.
SWIFT Success Story
With Codility we use a scientific selection process driven by the result, not by the first impression.

The Challenge

In 2019, SWIFT APAC hired around 100 people in the IT & engineering teams. To hire 100 engineers, they received and reviewed around 6,000 applications.

In order to hire the best engineers, the company was looking for ways to effectively pre-qualify their candidates’ technical skills.

The Talent Acquisition team at SWIFT partnered with Codility to revamp the end-to-end technical hiring process, improve their interviewing techniques, and mitigate unconscious bias.

The Implementation

Implementing Codility helped streamline the screening process. Manual tests were replaced with online CodeCheck assessments, improving the selection process and allowing quick decisions.

At the same time, SWIFT APAC replaced on-site interviews with CodeLive coding sessions with hiring managers.

“Coding with candidates in real-time allows us to further validate the candidate,” says Cellou Diallo, Head of Engineering, Data & Analytics.

“We give them a specific scenario at CodeLive to tap into their experience and see how they react to certain situations. It’s all remote thanks to technology, we value that a lot,” he adds.

The Results

Today, over 80% of technical hiring at SWIFT APAC is streamlined with Codility. In 2020, more than 100 technical roles were filled with CodeCheck assessments. Over the last 12 months, the screening process has smoothened, improving the overall collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters.

SWIFT Success Story
Technical assessments help us pre-qualify the candidates by scoring their skills.
SWIFT Success Story
These scores help hiring managers strategically assess candidates during a face-to-face interview.
SWIFT Success Story
That improves the overall quality of hires and the time recruiters and hiring managers spend on recruitment processes.

What Changed After Implementing Codility?

Today, when the company needs to hire a DevOps or Data Science Engineer, the process is streamlined, faster, and fully remote.

“We’re one team, not individuals,” says Cellou Diallo.

“We were able to shorten the feedback loop between the stakeholders. We solved the pain points together, by digitizing one piece of the puzzle and that was the technical assessment. Today, we bring the best talent into the organization by being agile and flexible” he adds.

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