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About PokerStars

PokerStars is a sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider recruiting across seven countries worldwide.

Before we started using Codility, our speed to hire was on average 100 days in Canada and 60-70 days in Europe.
With Codility, we managed to cut down the speed to hire from 100 days in Canada to 70-80 on average.
We also see a change in Europe – going down from 60-70 days to 40-50 days from application to the start day.

The Challenge

Taking too long to fill a role increases the cost per hire and comes with the risk of losing high-quality talent as many candidates lose interest if the process is lengthy.

Before Codility, the PokerStars team sent technical tests manually. Naturally, it was time-consuming to prepare them, check the solution, and follow up with the candidate.

“We quickly realized that the longer the application process, the more likely the candidates would accept the counteroffers,” says Boryana. “So in the age of the candidate experience, the speed to hire became of the essence” she adds.

The Implementation

The first task was to improve the collaboration between the hiring managers and the recruiters, making sure everyone is up to speed with the new technology.

“Codility organized a round of training for the entire team. We did three educational sessions for our hiring managers and the talent acquisition team in different locations and time zones,” says Boryana.

The next step was to build a standardized interview process for our technical positions, get rid of manual tests, and minimize the engagement of the engineering team for a maximum speed of hire.

Today, the team uses CodeCheck take-home assessment followed by a CodeLive session where the candidate can show off their coding skills in real-time.


The Results

A fully remote hiring process improved the recruitment metrics. Within only 6 months, the team decreased the time to hire by 28%. By using Codility, the team also decreased the engineering time involved in the recruitment process by 50%.

Because the operational processes are in place with Codility, we can now devote all that time to something else.

What Changed After Implementing Codility?

After 10 months, over 60 hiring managers and recruiters already actively use Codility to hire better candidates faster. “We receive multiple requests from our hiring managers to get additional access. Our collaboration improved, and the teams are open for innovation,” says Boryana.

And what does TA do with so much saved time? The PokerStars team concentrates on furthering diversity and inclusion projects as the main goal for 2021. “Through our new projects, we’ll make sure our workplace is even more accessible for top and diverse talent.”

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