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About Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is the infrastructure engineering software company that employs more than 4,000 employees and generates annualized revenues of more than $800 million in 172 countries.

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This year, we doubled the number of applications and shortened our time-to-hire by over 30%.
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Typically, it would take us 6 weeks but this time we were able to do that in only 4 weeks.

The Challenge

In 2020, most college campuses closed their doors and many companies canceled their internship programs due to the pandemic.

“Typically, we would get 40 to 50 applications per career fair. But this time, we were getting hundreds of them,” says Girene Sciukaite. “Within just 6 weeks, we received over 2,000 applications in the US.”

Bentley Systems quickly adapted their program by moving their recruitment process online and didn’t miss a beat in keeping their graduate program intact throughout the year.

The Implementation

To process such a high amount of applications, the team transitioned to an online recruitment process.

The pre-screening transitioned to a CodeCheck online skills assessment so the team could automatically screen thousands of applications and choose the most talented candidates quickly.

The candidates who passed the screening phase moved to a technical interview with a software engineer. This time, the team replaced a traditional on-site interview with CodeLive, providing a fully remote, one-on-one interaction with video, voice, and pair-programming capabilities.

The Results

By using Codility, Bentley Systems decreased time-to-hire from 6 to 4 weeks, being able to complete the screening phase in less than a week. The company attracted over 3000 global applicants, and 85% of offers were accepted before the end of the fall season in the US.

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CodeCheck was a game-changer this year. We transitioned every initial technical phone screening into a CodeCheck test.
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Codility saved us a lot of time- in some cases, we were able to complete the pre-screening phase in less than a week.

What Changed After Implementing Codility?

While some companies canceled their internships in 2020, Bentley Systems kept their internship program ongoing, providing unique career opportunities to hundreds of students.

Not only did the team transform into virtual hiring, but they successfully navigated through an unprecedented increase of applications this year in a shorter period of time

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