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About Wiser

Wiser is an award-winning creative and recruitment company that specializes in people consultancy and employer branding.

We wanted to make sure we hired people from all subject backgrounds on a holistic basis and looked for potential.
We’re hiring for potential, so it’s important to balance testingfor current technical knowledge with future potential.
There was an enormous level of interest in the program, and our tests were completed by 90% of the candidates.

The Challenge

In the face of a talent shortage, many companies turn to external recruitment experts to helpthem attract the best and most diverse tech talent. So, NHS Digital teamed up with Wiser to help them attract and recruit graduates and interns across their technology divisions.

During the three-year-long campaign, Wiser was faced with two problems to solve; challenging the perception of what it means to work for the NHS (and demystifying the notion that you need to be a clinician) and developing a recruitment process that is open to applicants from all degree backgrounds – all while maintaining a high technical bar to entry.


The Implementation

In order to find the best candidates from more than 1,500 applicants, the team at Wiser built an inclusive recruitment process that provided every candidate an exceptional experience of NHS Digital and enabled the team to hit hiring and diversity targets.

First, all candidates had to complete a short questionnaire about their motivations, followed by a phone interview with the technical recruiter. Then, everyone was invited to take the CodeCheck test designed to gauge a candidate’s qualifications. The assessment centre served as a good opportunity to test their soft skills.

The Results

The campaign was a huge success with Wiser managing to exceed hiring targets by 62.5%. Codility helped identify the top-performing candidates, giving more confidence in the quality of talentand improving the process's efficiency.

Over 75% of candidates exceeded the test benchmark, so we ended up over-hiring, taking on 45 graduates and 15 interns.
We saw 16% fewer candidates at assessment centre, yet managed to make 47% more offers than the previous campaign.

The Wiser Way

Overall, the team made 55% more hires for NHS Digital than the previous year, saving recruiting time and bringing more talented individuals on board.
By focusing on potential rather than creating barriers to entry, Wiser helped hire people from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups, exceedinglocal benchmarks in the UK.

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