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Our Story

Our story started in 2005 when Greg, our founder, was looking for a quick way to recruit the 20 additional software engineers needed by the IT start-up he worked for in China, while at the same time saving time, money and avoiding stress. The result was the beta version of Codility: a tool to filter out the 90+% of candidates who are unable to deliver correct solutions to easy programming tasks.

In 2009 we won the Seedcamp competition and soon afterwards registered in London, UK where we continued to grow, drawing only from that original investment. Over the next few years, Codility developed very quickly and moved to Warsaw, Poland, where most of the team is now based. Since then, more than 1200 companies in over 120 countries have used Codility and over 5,150,000 tests have been assessed.

Our Contacts

Codility Ltd.

107 Cheapside,
London EC2V 6DN
United Kingdom

Codility US Inc.

1355 Market Street
Suite 488
San Francisco
CA 94103
United States

Codility Polska Sp. z o. o.

ul. Dobra 56 / 66
00-312 Warsaw

For media inquiries contact:

Grayling PR
Tim Black
(415) 593-1211

Our Team

Grzegorz Jakacki Grzegorz Jakacki

Grzegorz Jakacki

CEO and Founder

Greg has been programming since the 80s. He's lived and worked in the US, China and Poland. In 2005, whilst working in Beijng, his idea to automate the programmer recruitment process enabled a massive hiring campaign of his employer. The idea eventually evolved into Codility (full "Genesis"). Greg holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Warsaw. He won a bronze medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics, co-organized many programming contests, co-designed SystemVerilog Assertions, led the development of OpenC++ and translated several technical books into Polish, including Donald Knuth’s “The Art of Computer Programming”. Greg hacks at Warsaw Hackerspace and is a passionate pianist and organist.

Natalia Panowicz Natalia Panowicz

Natalia Panowicz

Chief Operating Officer

Natalia majored in Psychology (MA studies in Poland and Belgium) and earned a business degree (magna cum laude) from Vlerick Business School. Prior to joining Codility, she consulted in Guatemala, did research and managed an NGO project. She is motivated by impact, people and insights. Outside of Codility, Natalia hacks food and has a strong passion for perfumes.

Tomasz Waleń Tomasz Waleń

Tomasz Waleń

Founder and Expert Product Researcher

Tomasz is a software practitioner and theoretician. He has designed and implemented evaluation software used in major programming contests worldwide. Tomasz is also involved in teaching advanced subjects in computer science, as well as in research on text processing algorithms. Tomasz holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw.

Geet Bhullar Geet Bhullar

Geet Bhullar

Sales Engineer

Geet graduated from the University of California, Davis with bachelors in Computer Engineering. He likes learning about new technologies and how they are changing the world. As an avid sports fan, he supports the Los Angeles Lakers and the Indian cricket team. In his free time, he likes to travel and explore the coolest bars in town.

Aileen Brown Aileen Brown

Aileen Brown

VP Global Sales

Aileen graduated from Simmons College with a B.A. in Marketing. She is passionate about technologies that improve the hiring process and finds herself drawn to anything that falls at the intersection of tech and human capital management. When she is not improving technical hiring, you can find her exploring the world, hiking, enjoying new cuisines, improving her golf swing, and playing fetch with her favourite sidekick.

Kordian Cichowski Kordian Cichowski

Kordian Cichowski

System Admin

Kordian’s curiosity is hard to satisfy and his hunger to understand how things work has always driven him to dig into the internals of whatever he’s working with, leading him to ask many, many questions. His background as a Network Specialist gives him useful knowledge of networking and Linux, helping him to herd the daemons before they run out of control. Outside of work he enjoys good games, both traditional board and computer games, good movies and pretty much any music that includes a guitar. Kordian also enjoys watching martial arts, which might have something to do with his Taekwondo background.

Krzysztof Wilaszek Krzysztof Wilaszek

Krzysztof Wilaszek

Sales Director EMEA

Krzysztof’s entire professional career has revolved around business development and international sales across sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals through electronics to gaming and FinTech. Outside of the office, Krzysztof shares his free time between love of rustic food, spontaneous backpacking holidays, snowboarding and attempts at reading all the books published by Harvard Business Review, whilst constantly being on the lookout for fun new activities.

John Enterline John Enterline

John Enterline

Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager

As a proven and dedicated client service professional, John has built his career on the principle that people are the foundation to any successful business. Following several years in marketing, his passion for cultivating relationships and driving sales led him to the technology staffing and consulting industry in Silicon Valley, with a specific focus on firm-sponsored accounts & national strategic partnerships. Currently, he provides consultative staffing solutions with Codility in San Francisco. On weekends he is an avid hiker and you can usually find him exploring one of the hundreds of beautiful Bay Area trails with his hiking group.

Wojtek Erbetowski Wojtek Erbetowski

Wojtek Erbetowski

Expert Software Engineer

Wojtek helps individuals and communities to learn and grow. He spent a decade coding in a variety of languages (primarily in JVM, Python and Node.js), leading product development teams as Head of Engineering/CTO. Wojtek helped to build many tech communities, such as Warsaw JUG, Mobile Warsaw, PyWaw Summit, Mobile Central Europe, Warsjawa and HackWAW. He graduated from Warsaw University with an MSc in Applied Mathematics. He is a husband and father of two.

Mohamad Essam Mohamad Essam

Mohamad Essam

Software Engineer

Mohamed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computers and Systems from Zagazig University. His passion for problem solving and algorithms is just like a child’s passion for playing video games. He also loves traveling and exploring new cities, cultures, food and people. In his free time he enjoys reading and watching movies – especially the boring ones!

Gosia Fiedorow Gosia Fiedorow

Gosia Fiedorow

Senior Product Designer

Gosia earned her Master’s degree in Product Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she focused on designing physical objects and graphic design. She combines her passion for new technologies and traditional design skills by working in the tech industry. She has already helped various startups to deliver a consistent product experience. Gosia is a community enthusiast and loves to share knowledge, so she is one of the organisers of Design Practice, a Warsaw-based meet-up for designers.

Jacek Gabanowicz Jacek Gabanowicz

Jacek Gabanowicz

Senior Account Executive

Jacek graduated from Okanagan College in Canada. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, technologies that change people’s lives and a healthy and fit lifestyle. He is currently involved in many activities related to tech and entrepreneurship in various groups and events around Warsaw’s startup scene. He has lived in Canada for most of his life, and one day hopes to start his own tech-related business.

Joe Garibaldi Joe Garibaldi

Joe Garibaldi

Sales Development Manager

Joe graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Managerial Economics. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Joe has played a key role in growing sales at several tech startups in the area. He loves meeting new clients and selling solutions that help people get their jobs done better and faster. When not working in Codility’s San Francisco office, you can find Joe enjoying the outdoors, playing golf and making his “almost” world famous beef jerky.

Krzysztof Gogolewski Krzysztof Gogolewski

Krzysztof Gogolewski

Senior Software Engineer

Krzysztof graduated from the University of Warsaw with a MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Mathematics. He loves computational complexity, functional programming in Haskell, theoretical computer science, Gustav Mahler, foreign languages and dark humor.

Kornelia Grabowska Kornelia Grabowska

Kornelia Grabowska

People Operations Manager

Kornelia studied finance and accounting at the University of Economics in Katowice, and she is currently pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a teacher by studying elementary education at the University of Warsaw. She discovered her passion for HR when she was part of a student-run organization called AIESEC. Kornelia loves meeting people from different countries and cultures; she joined Codility right after organizing an international conference for 1000+ youths from more than 120 different countries. She’s also a big fan of Indian cuisine and culture; it’s common to find her reading books by travelers who have visited this country.

Jacob Horvat Jacob Horvat

Jacob Horvat

Sales Development Representative

Jacob graduated from Southern Oregon University with a B.S. degree in Psychology. He's a passionate business developer, runner & gamer. In the past he's designed lighting for theatrical performances, been an industrial carpenter & managed marketing campaigns for small businesses. Social media & the sales process is his most recent fascination.

Justyna Jamróz Justyna Jamróz

Justyna Jamróz


Justyna graduated from SWPS University in Sopot in Psychology and Sexology. Before becoming a tech fan, she used to work for different Polish NGOs and the Crisis Intervention Center. Working as a recruiter is a great way to combine her two great passions: technology and psychology. Justyna loves eating (not to be mistaken for cooking, unfortunately), reading books (especially SF) and travelling (her favourite destination is Asia). In autumn and winter, she stays in her house and becomes an avid gamer.

Aneta Janiec Aneta Janiec

Aneta Janiec

Account Executives' Team Lead

Aneta graduated from the University of Warsaw. She is passionate about Arabic politics and culture, and is currently learning Arabic. She is also devoted to helping animals, and can often be found volunteering at animal shelters. She has lived in both Kuwait and the USA for several years, and loves to travel around the world.

Katarzyna Zalewska Katarzyna Zalewska

Katarzyna Zalewska

Software Engineer
Kasia is a Computer Science graduate of the University of Warsaw, and a passionate engineer who enriches the team with great craftsmanship and unexpected hot chocolate. A fan of comic-book characters such as Poison Ivy and Squirrel Girl, Kasia aspires to be a superheroine herself one day, with flying, reading and unit testing as her superpowers. She doesn’t like most weathers.
Mohammed Khadar Khan Mohammed Khadar Khan

Mohammed Khadar Khan

Senior Front-End Engineer

Mohammed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communications from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka. He is a big fan of ReactJS and wants to learn all the coolest front-end frameworks. He is passionate about world history and cryptography. In his free time he enjoys coding at Hackathons.

Tomasz Wesołowski Tomasz Wesołowski

Tomasz Wesołowski

Engineering Lead

Tomasz studied in Poland and Sweden and holds an MSc in Computer Science with a specialization in artificial intelligence from Warsaw University of Technology. He has an insatiable hunger for knowledge, loves to try out new tech and is at home in both front-end and back-end coding. He is a prolific technical writer with a knack for tutoring. A true specialist at work, he treasures discoveries in his private life, most notably tea, piano, chiptunes, books, books and books.

Andrew Knowles Andrew Knowles

Andrew Knowles

People Operations Manager

Andrew graduated from California State University, Chico with a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. His passions have always been focused on people. When it comes to building great teams or creating collaborative workspaces, he believes that any job can become your "dream job" with the right attitude and environment. During the weekends, he can be found exploring some local Bay Area hiking spots, as well as discovering new places to camp around California. His true passion (and obsession) lies in traveling and experiencing other cultures. He has visited 17 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia - but is just getting started.

Dorota Koszewska Dorota Koszewska

Dorota Koszewska

Financial Director

Dorota graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with a MSC in Engineering. She went on to postgraduate studies of accounting and corporate finance at Warsaw School of Economics and holds an MBA from the same institution. Dorota has been a member of management and supervisory boards of several companies. Her professional focus has gradually switched from property management to corporate accounting and finance. In her leisure time she is passionate for motor sports, especially car and motorbike racing. She is a motorcyclist herself, loves to travel and get acquainted with different cultures.

Łukasz Krogulec Łukasz Krogulec

Łukasz Krogulec

Senior Technical Product Specialist

A hitchhiker, experimental music lover, reader of SF novels and movie enthusiast, Łukasz is also a fan of both Polish and French schools of soccer (mostly for laughs). Sport-related or not, he always roots for the underdog (and always considers himself one). With his backgrounds in American studies and computer science, it is extremely hard to satiate his curiosity. Currently, Łukasz plans on exploring the hot topic of machine learning. He also wants to find out more about the history of Middle-Eastern cinema.

Marcin Kubica Marcin Kubica

Marcin Kubica

Engineering Lead

Marcin holds a PhD in Computer Science and draws from 20+ years of experience as one of the organizers of the Polish Olympiad in Informatics (POI). He was one of the developers of the first automated evaluation system used by the POI. As well as the POI, he has taken part in the organization of many other programming contests, including the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), where for six years he was on the Scientific Committee. Marcin combines his work for Codility with researching and lecturing in computer science at the University of Warsaw. Next to being our silverback, with an unmistakable sense of humor and eyes set on quality, he is a skywatcher, a believer in the magic of 42 and the proud father of three children.

Alex Kwon Alex Kwon

Alex Kwon

Sales Development Representative

Alex graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Managerial Economics. He has lived in the USA, UK, and South Korea and traveled to 25 countries. He is passionate about technology as a solution to global issues. Outside of work, Alex likes trying different craft beers, exploring nature, and watching dystopian movies.

Katherine Linchey Katherine Linchey

Katherine Linchey

Relationship Manager

Katherine was born and raised in the Bay Area. She graduated from California State University, Chico with a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus in Project Management. She has been working in the Silicon Valley tech space for over five years and loves helping companies revolutionize their business through technology. She enjoys living in the heart of San Francisco and exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants. In her free time you will find her at a Giants baseball game, out running or hiking new coastal trails.

Joanna Marciniak Joanna Marciniak

Joanna Marciniak

Office Manager

Joanna draws from a wealth of experience in Poland and abroad, from managing golf courts to logistical coordination at NSN. At Codility she designed and oversaw the implementation of our brilliant office/home and is a multitalented treasure. She may be conservative in her approach to new technologies but she cannot live without cool gadgets. She’s a bookworm who used to sail and ski a lot before she became a (passionate) mum… but she still believes that’s not the end of the story!

Paweł Marczewski Paweł Marczewski

Paweł Marczewski

Chief Technology Officer

Paweł graduated from the University of Warsaw with an MSc in Computer Science and BSc in Mathematics. His interests are manifold, from natural language processing to artificial intelligence and logic programming, and his curiosity and hunger are hard to match. Paweł has been a voluntary tutor at many summer schools for gifted high school students. He is teaching himself Japanese, becomes competitive in Asian board games and likes science fiction literature.

Emilia Matysiak Emilia Matysiak

Emilia Matysiak

Senior Relationship Manager

Emilia Matysiak graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in International Affairs and a minor in Spanish. After graduating, she gained her first technology startup experience in Boston and New York City, before relocating to Warsaw. She has a passion for the visual arts and loves photography, drawing and is currently trying her hand at being an amateur make-up artist. Curious about both people and places, in her free time you’ll find Emilia catching up on the latest psychology blogs or traveling to new places and spending time outdoors.

Joanna Michalska Joanna Michalska

Joanna Michalska

Account Executive

Joanna graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with an M.Sc Degree in International Relations. She obtained her B.A., from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She has lived in Colombia, USA, UK, Spain and Poland. Joanna enjoys travelling and is currently working on getting her Skipper's License. She's an avid tennis player and an instructor.

Gosia Migdał Gosia Migdał

Gosia Migdał

Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager

Gosia majored in Psychology at the University of Warsaw. While studying, she used to undertake neuroscience research, organize conferences and conduct user research. She enjoys working on the border between technology and humanities. Before working at Warsaw office, Gosia had the chance to work with us in San Francisco . Outside of Codility, Gosia enjoys eating food from all over the world and travelling.

Nicolette Mychajluk Nicolette Mychajluk

Nicolette Mychajluk

Marketing Development Representative

Nicolette graduated from San Diego State University, where she spent 3.5 half years pursuing a BA in Rhetoric and Writing Studies in the beautiful San Diego sunshine. While at University, Nicolette was on an executive board for a student ran 3D Printing club, took a few Javascript courses, and discovered a love for rock climbing. Her interest for sales began when she became a Global Sales Enablement Intern at Eventbrite where she created training content for the sales team. Nicolette lives for great laughs and witty puns, and - she never passes on an opportunity to spend a day chasing birdies out on the golf course.

Amir Nasr Amir Nasr

Amir Nasr

Software Engineer

Amir graduated from the British University in Egypt, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, after which he worked as a teaching assistant and started his Master’s studies. He enjoys participating in programming competitions, having taken part in several ACM-ICPC Arab Regional contests and qualified for the World Finals in 2015. He is interested in reading and writing about algorithms and data structures, and would like to spend more time exploring the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He loves soccer, ping pong and traveling, and hates most kinds of food.

Aleksey Narko Aleksey Narko

Aleksey Narko

Account Executive

Aleksey has worked for startups in the IT and Finance sectors in Poland and Ukraine, starting from his first years of International Business studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. His main goal is to actively broaden his horizons by participating in and organizing different events (like TEDxWarsaw), keeping up to date with world business and tech trends, and widening his network by meeting inspiring personalities. He is a travel and couchsurfing addict, with the goal of visiting the world at a rate of two countries per year and catching the best moments of life with his camera.

Maciej Pasternacki Maciej Pasternacki

Maciej Pasternacki

System Admin

Maciej has an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Gdańsk. Having worked initially as a sys-admin, then as a developer, then as a freelance web developer, he finally found his niche in web operations and infrastructure development. Now he helps web projects to keep the lights on, and tries to script himself out of his own as much as possible. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing and hiking. He’s a bit of a railroad nerd as well.

Cezary Piwowarczyk Cezary Piwowarczyk

Cezary Piwowarczyk

Executive Assistant

Cezary graduated from the Rotterdam School of Management with a BSc in International Business Administration. He started in Codility as Product Intern, finished his studies and joined us again in the Business Team. In his free time he likes hanging out with his friends, usually indulging in one of his favorite pastimes of grabbing a beer or chatting about politics, or both together! He wants to learn programming (at least a bit).

Vivian Rackover Vivian Rackover

Vivian Rackover

Account Executive

Vivian earned her bachelor's degree in Communication from Oakland University in Michigan. Born and raised in California, she moved back soon after graduating. She loves her two cats (even the 3-legged one) and traveling. Her personal life goal is to visit all 7 continents.

Paweł Rzymkiewicz Paweł Rzymkiewicz

Paweł Rzymkiewicz

VP Engineering

Paweł is an Agile enthusiast. He graduated from the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, (Cybernetics Department) with a Masters of Engineering. He has been involved in virtually every aspect of software development - from Network Analyst, Software Developer, Test Lead, Quality Engineer on an agile team, Trainer and a Scrum Master. His focus and interest has always been in people, process improvement and facilitating great communication. In his free time Paweł enjoys all forms of movement, especially kitesurfing, slacklining, climbing and basketball.

Rafał Ruciński Rafał Ruciński

Rafał Ruciński

Sr. Front-end Engineer

Rafał sat in front of the computer for the first time when he was one year old. Since then he’s been doing a lot of computer-related stuff, like coding, gaming and coding games. Despite coming from an algorithmic and mathematical background (he was a finalist in both Maths and Informatics Olympiads in Poland), Rafał’s work is mostly front-end oriented. He especially likes the JavaScript programming language. A lot. Apart from that, Rafał enjoys playing multiple musical instruments – he learned to play violin and a bit of piano at music school, but drums are his favorite instrument to play.

Paweł Sierszeń Paweł Sierszeń

Paweł Sierszeń

Junior Product Manager

Paweł holds an MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University of Łódź. Being a passionate programmer for many years, now he's also discovering the humanities by studying Italian at the SWPS University. He loves travelling, playing board games with friends and experimenting in the kitchen.

Kamil Sobczak Kamil Sobczak

Kamil Sobczak

Senior Financial Specialist

Kamil graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. During his studies, he completed an accounting course and obtained the Independent Accountant Certificate. Prior to joining Codility, he worked in one of the biggest startups as a Junior Accountant. In his spare time, when not preparing financial reports, he loves to do sports such as football, running and bodybuilding, but his biggest love are automobiles. When the city sleeps, he wanders around the streets of Warsaw accompanied with relaxing music.

Sinead Starnes Sinead Starnes

Sinead Starnes

Senior Relationship Manager

Sinead graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, with a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Being born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she couldn't wait to get back here after graduation and get started with a career in technology sales. Outside of her passion for connecting with potential clients on the front lines of the sales process, she can be found exploring all San Francisco has to offer, painting the beautiful things she sees, and watching way to much Netflix. A fun fact about Sinead is that she and her roommates started a very popular Harry Potter club at university.

Rachel Whitehead Rachel Whitehead

Rachel Whitehead

Director of Product Marketing
Rachel has been involved in student recruitment and tech start-ups since being a student at Victoria University in New Zealand. After graduating with a Bachelors degree, she spent a year in the global office of student-run organisation AIESEC, where she delivered education on product strategy and leadership to over 2000 students throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Rachel now joins us in the US office, bringing her passion for simple communication, fast results and really good coffee.
Jeffrey Swartwout Jeffrey Swartwout

Jeffrey Swartwout

Marketing Manager

Jeff has a passion for people and fascination with social-cultural dynamics. He found his calling in the HR Tech space after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Psychology. Jeff plays a massive amount of recreational soccer. If he’s not on the field, it’s probably because he injured himself horribly. Competitive and imaginative in nature, Jeff also loves board games, video games, and Sci-Fi movies and novels.

Jacek Tomasiewicz Jacek Tomasiewicz

Jacek Tomasiewicz

Engineering Lead

Jacek is an MSc student in Computer Science at the University of Warsaw. As a brilliant programmer with a passion for sharing his knowledge and helping people excel at coding, he is the author of many of Codility’s tasks and challenges, and he also builds our free guided programming class. He is a jury member and author of tasks at the Polish Olympiad in Informatics (POI) and frequently lectures at IT summer camps. He calls your bluff at poker and doesn’t mind a drink with friends from time to time.

Magda Tworek Magda Tworek

Magda Tworek

Administrative Manager

Magda graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice and then worked in Learning & Development, HR and Clinical Services in both Poland and England. Her passion for the world and travel took her on a solo world tour. During another of her many travels she and some friends climbed previously unexplored peaks in the remote Bolivian Apolobamba mountain range, and had the privilege of naming one of them Akuku.

Paweł Wernio Paweł Wernio

Paweł Wernio

Product Designer

In his youth, Paweł discovered how visual art can change the way ideas are shared; how one picture can stand for thousands of words – and not merely one picture, but how one icon or font can help find the right answer. That was fascinating to him, and inspired him to study in the Graphic department at the Fine Arts Academy of Warsaw and work as a graphic designer. Paweł has been so impressed by how new technology reshapes communication that he has decided to devote his work to enhancing digital experiences through graphical representations. Paweł is a sociable person who loves spending time with his family, getting to know new cultures, enjoying nature – especially with his dog – or sailing with friends, and sometimes simply being ‘off the grid’.

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