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Building software teams is difficult and takes time.                                Codility simplifies tech hiring and saves tons of engineering hours.

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Codility is the first to bring coding assessments to tech hiring teams, helping businesses efficiently and effectively identify the strongest coders in their recruiting pipeline. Designed by engineers for engineers, Codility enables you to gather deeply accurate insights through real-life coding assessments, while also providing a great candidate experience.






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Meet our Leadership Team



Greg Jakacki

CEO and Founder

Greg started building a prototype of Codility in 2005 when he sought a way to quickly recruit software engineers for the IT startup he worked for in China. His early innovations and desire to focus on coding instead of interviewing resulted in him founding Codility four years later. Greg also hacks at Warsaw Hackerspace and is a passionate pianist and organist.


Natalia Panowicz


Natalia joined our team when it was five people and helped Codility grow since then. She studied in Poland and Belgium, has an MA in Psychology, and has a business degree from Vlerick Business School. Prior to Codility she did research, managed an NGO project, and consulted in Guatemala. She has a strong passion for perfumes and an undying love for her rescue dog, Bilbo.


Wojtek Erbetowski


Wojtek is a software engineer who greatly enjoys contributing to the tech community as an organizer and activist. He built communities like the Warsaw Java User Group and Mobile Warsaw, organized events like Mobile Central Europe and Warsjawa, and led the IT departments previously at Polidea and Growbots. Wojtek is also a mathematician, public speaker, and amateur runner.


Beth Ayers


Beth grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a graduate of Columbia University. Beth has spent twenty years in digital, technology, and startups, including Moreover, Computacenter, Financial Times, and Mimecast. She specializes in running strategy and sales ops teams within growth businesses, and in developing business cases and product market fit.


Robin Richardson

Director of Demand Generation

Robin has over 20 years of marketing experience supporting sales organizations with measurable strategies for driving sales pipeline. Before Codility, he led marketing at UserZoom and demand generation for Aria Systems and InsideView. Robin has an English degree from St. Lawrence University, a passion for his family of five, and a devotion to Boston sports.


Rachel Whitehead

Director of Product Marketing

After graduating from Victoria University in New Zealand, Rachel followed her interest in tech recruiting to San Francisco where she helped establish Codility's North American sales team. Her experience working with clients helps her advocate for their needs and improve our product. Rachel loves traveling and is always down to try a new lunch spot. 


Dorota Koszewska

Director of Finance

Dorota holds an MS in Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology and an MBA from Warsaw School of Economics. She also graduated from the Finance and Accounting Faculty at Warsaw School of Economics and initially worked in property management. In her leisure time, she is passionatse about car and motorbike racing, traveling, and learning about different cultures.


Krzysztof Wilaszek

Director of Sales, Warsaw

Krzysztof's professional career has revolved around business development and international sales across the pharmaceutical, electronics, gaming, and tech industries. Outside of the office, Krzysztof splits his free time between his love of rustic food, spontaneous backpacking holidays, snowboarding, and reading books published by Harvard Business Review.


Justin Ahn

Director of Sales, San Francisco

Justin graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara and has traversed a dedicated career in sales since. He takes his own sales leadership development very seriously, focusing on leading by example and coaching people according to their specific learning style. Justin has a passion for trying new restaurants, rooting for the Golden State Warriors, and attempting to surf.


Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay

Director of Product Research

Agnieszka brings 14 years of product research experience from research agencies and major Polish brands. She works with both qualitative as well as quantitative data, advocating for insights-driven decision making. Outside of work, Agnieszka is a full-time mom, book-junkie, collector of random facts, and she has recently taken up running and teaching post-graduate students.


John Bailey

Director of Product Management

Since the late '90s, John has been either writing, designing, testing, or researching software. With a PhD in web engineering, he's now putting his 20 years of experience to work helping Codility build innovative and delightful products for tech hiring teams and candidates. John moved to Poland in the mid '00s and enjoys exploring the lesser known parts of the country with his family.



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