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About Vonage

Vonage is a global cloud communications leader that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. With product and technology teams located in the UK, Poland, Israel, Spain, and the US, and over 100 tech positions to fill in the upcoming months, Vonage is at the forefront of the talent war.

Vonage Codility Success Story
We have high standards of engineers that we look for. We’re going to hire only the most qualified candidates.
Vonage Codility Success Story
We need to make sure our engineers are coming with the right experience, quality of work, and have excellent delivery.

The Challenge

Vonage is on the lookout for mid and senior-level engineers, maximizing the capacity with top tech talent. The team needs to fill over 100 tech positions in the upcoming months, setting the quality of candidates as priority.

“The direction to use Codility is fully supported by our Engineering teams to keep the bar on a consistently high level,” says Daniel.

But in order to attract top talent, their recruitment needed transparency in delivering a five-star candidate experience.

The Implementation

The team wanted to automate the recruitment process as efficiently as possible, to screen hundreds of candidates in search for the right quality. They’ve implemented CodeCheck assessments across most of their technical hires.

The team also needed a centralized way of scheduling remote interviews , so they decided to integrate Codility with Greenhouse.

“Greenhouse and Codility integration makes our job easier. We have a Codility test stage in our interview hiring plan at Greenhouse. It’s all in one place, it’s easier for us to track, and it’s much more efficient,” says Daniel.


The Results

So far, Vonage assessed over 5,500 candidates with CodeCheck and conducted 529 remote interviews with CodeLive. The team manages to continuously increase the engineering team capacity in five different locations, hiring the top mid and senior-level managers faster, filling 15-20 tech positions a month.

Vonage Codility Success Story
The biggest benefit of using Codility is the fact that we can screen a big volume of candidates.
Vonage Codility Success Story
If we’re looking to fill 100 roles,screening the candidates individually would take a lot of time.
Vonage Codility Success Story
With Codility, we’re able to bring in top talent in less than 30 days.

What are they most proud of?

“We’re not a huge team but we’re under a lot of pressure,” says Daniel. “The fact that we consistently meet the business needs, sustain and even over achieve our goals, is our biggest accomplishment. It’s tough to attract and engage top tech talent but it’s teamwork that makes us successful,” he adds.

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