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About Okta

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, connecting the right people to the right technologies at the right time, and enabling companies to be more productive and secure. Okta’s mission is to enable any organization to use any technology.

We couldn’t have done what we did if we didn’t have Codility. I’m Codility’s biggest cheerleader

The Challenges of Campus Recruitment at Scale

Manual. That was the best way to describe Okta’s initial campus recruitment processes. Recruiters were managing coding challenges sent to 1,000 candidates annually via the in-built calendar feature of their email inboxes. It was obvious that this had to change; making sure candidates are contacted quickly and managed through the hiring process this way was just not going to scale.

Fears, uncertainties and doubts

With any change comes challenge, and Okta’s experience was no different. Maintaining culture was and still is a key priority for Okta’s hiring team. As the company grows, the organizational culture changes. Showcasing why Okta is a great place to work was and still is very effective in recruiting interns and fresh graduates. Avoiding false positives and false negatives at the early stages of the recruitment funnel. Saving time spent on interviews with such a high volume, saving time spent on tech interviews frees up a lot of resources that can be better allocated elsewhere. Those were all legit concerns.

What changed after implementing Codility?

Okta decided to go with Codility and started with a premade, template CodeCheck test created by our team. On their second year they also started using CodeLive for pair programming sessions with candidates.

We don’t have to run so many interviews. Candidate experience is great, the tool is very versatile and robust

The Role of Codility in Okta’s Hiring

Incorporating Codility platform into Okta’s workflow changed the process — what was previously handled manually now could be automated. Scoring, reporting and managing candidates are among some of the key areas that went through that shift. In order to optimize the process, last year Okta created their own tests for Java, UI & UX, Mobile. Pass Rate now is about 33% for the initial Codility Test, 33% with Technical Phone Screen (which is the next step) and 33% with final onsite interview. Okta constantly reviews the process to find ways to optimize it. By using CodeCheck for candidates skills assessment and CodeLive for remote pair programming interviews Okta was able not only to optimize the screening process, but their quality of candidates improved as well.

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