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About Flixbus

Founded in 2013, Flixbus has succeeded by digitalizing traditional bus travel. Tech solutions like the Flixbus App, e-ticketing, free Wi-Fi and power outlets, “Where’s My Bus” GPS live tracking, and an automated Delay-Management system have revolutionized the industry.

The main challenge we had was that we hit a wall when trying to hire for many different teams

The Challenges of Scaling Beyond Recruiting Software Capabilities

The goal of any technical recruiting team is to make life as easy as possible for hiring managers. “We knew we had to speed up the process for our engineers. That’s when we began looking at the market for new recruiting solutions and found Codility,” says Brady.

Lessons Learned from Adopting Codility

Choosing a platform that offers flexibility is crucial for an organization hiring across a wide variety of technical roles. Being able to customize assessments with pre-built questions made it easier to roll out tests to candidates that were relevant to FlixBus projects. Implementing a solution built for remote hiring helped FlixBus get ahead of external forces that made onsite interviews impossible in 2020. Adopting new recruiting software didn’t require a complete overhaul of hiring processes. Hiring managers and recruiters were able to adopt the new solution seamlessly and achieve results immediately.

What changed after implementing Codility?

Manual coding challenges were slowing the whole process down as engineers had to find time to write up their own tests and grade them when candidates returned their answers. Implementing Codility led to immediate reductions in time to hire.

It was such a smooth process from the outside looking in that you almost wouldn’t have even noticed the software changed

Highly reliable support even after implementation

Since implementing Codility, the FlixBus team mainly uses CodeCheck to create, distribute, and grade its technical assessments as well as CodeLive to conduct nearly every interview. Even as the company is forced to embrace remote hiring, this combination ensures managers can make informed decisions and identify the best candidates for the job.

But one of the most important surprises FlixBus found when implementing Codility was the level of support they got after implementation.

“Codility reaches out to us when information (about tests) is leaked online. They’re highly proactive, suggesting new questions to replace compromised aspects of challenges so that no one on our end has to waste any time.” says Brady.

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