How Ocado Technology Finds the Best Tech Candidates


“There are plenty of candidates in the marketplace with titles and experience that match the surface-level requirements of our open roles,” says Bowers. “But from what we’ve seen, it’s fairly unusual for a leading technology company to allow the degree of autonomy and experimentation we offer. We need to know that our candidates can handle our demand for unique problem-solving. CodeLive is one of the ways we get the necessary insight into a candidate’s hard and soft skills, so we can make effective, evidence-based decisions.”
– Emily Bowers, UK Recruitment Manager

Ocado wanted to find the best candidates from their vast pool of thousands of applications.

Having Codility on their side, Ocado was able to make evidence-based and skill-based decisions.“For us, using CodeLive is all about managing applications,” says Bowers. “It’s one of the factors that helps us evaluate who to move on to our later stage of the hiring process. When you’re dealing with huge numbers of applications every month in over a hundred different roles, this streamlining is a significant benefit, which leaves our hiring managers more time for quality interviews later in the process.”

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