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The best tech hiring teams use Codility

We've been helping teams around the world improve their technical recruiting since 2009.

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“Codility gets us through the vetting process faster at each stage of our recruiting pipeline.

– Beth Sallomi, Fandom

“With Codility, we’re now able to connect with a much wider range of candidates without draining interviewer time.”

– Josh Feintuch, Flatiron Health

"Codility helps us recognize great candidates we would’ve never found."

Emily Meals, Grant Street Group

Employers of all shapes and sizes

At Codility, we're thrilled to partner with so many innovative companies on connecting with great technical talent.

How companies grow with Codility

Citi customer success story

How Citi cut introductory interviews by 50%

Citi aimed to reduce the time engineers spent screening, and focus interviews on the most promising candidates. 

Case Study
Flatiron Health customer success story

How Flatiron Health saved 430 hours

Flatiron Health wanted to reduce the interviewing hours spent on each university recruiting season.

Case Study
Yggdrasil Gaming customer success story

How Yggdrasil Gaming made 4 hires from codathons

Yggdrasil Gaming wanted to stand out against other hiring companies in the fierce talent market. 

Case Study