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For a business to thrive, it needs to consider having scalable processes and an above-the-tier tech stack.

Alongside that, healthy and progressive company cultures are what enable businesses to grow by utilizing an efficient tech stack. 

Culture development is essential for finding candidates, and when you want some of the best engineers in the business, it’s essential to invest time and money into it. 

Dean Delpeache, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Fiix Software, says 25 percent of hires at Fiix Software were done through referrals. “Our biggest channel has been referrals by tapping into our employees with a culture where they love to refer people,” says Dean. 

But, how exactly do you develop a healthy company culture to aid recruitment?

Promote Employee Advocacy

As a term that not many hear often, employee advocacy is about having your employees plug your organization like influencers. This isn’t like standing around on Instagram with a tube of toothpaste but shaping personal opinion about the brand by sharing content with their own networks and following.
By doing this, your employees and recruiters build much more trust with potential candidates and raise awareness for the organization. Data from LinkedIn shows that when employee advocacy is done right, it can double the click-through rate for content posted by the employee in comparison to the organization.
When creating a company culture that motivates your employees to refer candidates, it’s essential that they use their own messaging and not the brand’s tone of voice. An employee posting content signifies to their following that they believe in the organization, its mission and that they embody the company’s vision.
Hyping the company up isn’t about posting photos of the pool room and ping-pong tables. To gain referrals from your employees, they need to share genuine opinions about the work environment, the culture and correctly conveying the employer brand can attract candidates that want to work there.
Because an employee’s online reviews and comments can be an essential part of your company’s recruiting effort, as well as reflect on its reputation, it’s wise to encourage employees to be mindful of managing their digital footprint.
This is like good housekeeping for the internet — cleaning up privacy settings and permissions that let the wrong personal information leak into public view, clearing out old social accounts that don’t really represent who they are anymore, and so on.
Reward Your Employees
Why would your employees refer their friends, connections, and other contacts to the company as potential candidates? Sure, you may get a few referrals because employees think the organization is an amazing place to work, but you’ll need to sweeten the pot.
Creating an employee referral program is one of the healthiest things you can do for your organization and to help your engineer recruiters beef up their pipeline. The initial doubts for a referral program are that you may get a lot of unqualified resumes or ruffle a few employee’s feathers if their referral wasn’t put through the recruitment process. And, the obvious drawback may be that if you put a dollar sign on referrals, would your employees just try to make a quick buck.

Here’s why a referral program helps company culture:

  • Freshly recruited engineers are already connected to the company by extension. That means candidates in the recruitment process or new employees aren’t walking into a strange environment, they know someone at the company, and that’s comforting.  
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction for the referrer because they got someone in their close network a job. 
  • When an employee respects your company, they won’t let bad employees work there. They’re putting themselves out there to only refer candidates that they can trust and vouch for.

Pay your employees for a job well done. When they refer an engineer that can contribute towards the company’s success, they should be rewarded for that. Not only does that create a loop of introducing new hires, but it creates a culture and vibe that your company is willing to listen to its employees and create an environment that they feel safe in. 

Optimize the Candidate Experience with the Right Tech Stack

Having all the right tools available at your fingertips can give you the best insights to recruit engineers and optimize the candidate experience. Today, we’re inundated with apps, platforms, and systems, but it takes fine-tuning and experimentation to get the right tech stack for the job.
Sixty-four percent of recruiters say that they just don’t have the right digital tools for the job. To put that into perspective, it highlights a serious challenge that recruiters face because it ups the time for hire and cost of hiring metrics.
The first port of call is to find a solid applicant tracking system or ATS, which, as most recruiters know, is essential to your recruitment process. You need a solid ATS with analytics and an ability to integrate into other platforms like pre-employment testing platforms. Codility’s recruitment platform for hiring engineers can work as both an ATS and a pre-employment screening tool with coding challenges set by your organization.
Next up, you want to get your sourcing right from a pool of top-tier engineers. Using data from Codility’s platform, you can weed out low-quality candidates and choose engineers with test scores and job compatibility as one of the main factors. Candidate sourcing tools usually use AI to automate searches for potential hires, which makes the recruiter’s job a lot easier and less time-consuming.
Recruitment Marketing is a Thing
When it comes to marketing, it’s way more than fancy bells and whistles to attract new engineers. Caitlin Perez, HR Programs Manager at Synopsys, states that recruitment marketing is all about getting creative on the recruitment marketing side and social branding side by thinking outside of your box. When trying to fill those difficult positions, Caitlyn says, “What Synopsys has done for finding talent is to go to your tools and work with your reps to create recruiting marketing campaigns. Targeting certain talents and skillsets.”
Recruitment marketing tools can help you to advertise job openings and engage with candidates to fuel your pipeline. The tools should also have social recruiting and CRM capabilities to help you optimize your employer branding.
From this point, nurturing engineering candidates should be your next step by communicating with them regularly and keeping them up to date on the next stages for optimal candidate experience.
The tech stack and company culture are two very important aspects to help your organization grow and achieve the best engineer candidate experience. The tech stack should be one of your biggest assets, allowing your recruiters to use data to simplify the process and collect data in a single location.

By making Codility’s recruitment platform part of your tech stack, you can screen candidates to ensure you only get top-tier engineers. It’s also important to note that company culture shouldn’t be overlooked as a healthy, diverse, and progressive culture is what drives results. If your company culture is thriving, so will your recruits and recruitment metrics. 

For more valuable insights on expanding your tech stack and adopting a new company culture, take a look at Confessions of a Talent Acquisition Director: How to Create Efficiency in Your Hiring!

Sally Lee, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Codility.

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