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This week we’re launching a bold new look for Codility.

After hitting our 10 year anniversary last year, doubling growth, and raising a $22M series A, we felt we had outgrown our brand and it wasn’t living up to the dynamic, ambitious and forward-thinking company we are today.

Our brand refresh is more than just changes in color (despite the title of this article). It’s been about creating a new confident voice and energy that impacts the way we carry ourselves within our team, with candidates, with customers, and with our partners. More than half a year in the making, the road to this brand refresh was equal parts transformation, overhaul, and innovation. 

I hope that this news (and my account of the process) brings a moment of optimism to your day.

Codility GIF
Codility is positioned for growth in technical recruiting.

It started with transformation

About a year ago, we began to use Lencioni’s six questions – six critical questions every organization must answer – to help us shape and define the future of Codility. What began as a reconnection exercise designed to help us bridge our bold vision with action on the ground, soon expanded into a company-wide conversation around why we exist and how we behave

Codility Slack conversation.
The process of asking why we continue to build the most accurate programming tests and do what we do lead us to defining our purpose.


We formed a steering group and ran a series of workshops facilitating deep conversations around the purpose of our organization, and what sort of culture we need to curate to drive it. The process was purposefully messy, and eventually lead us to the following:

Why do we exist?
Codility exists because the world needs more problem-solving capacity. 

This is one step away from ‘we want the world to be a better place’ and that’s by design. Codility was created out of necessity. Greg, our founder, used his experience in competitive coding to build automated programming tests he could send candidates before the in-person technical interviewsaving him time on pre-employment screening which he instead spent on the Senior Engineering side of his role.

These days engineering capacity is an even more scarce resource which is in high demand by every company who is trying to build solutions to big problems. We exist to facilitate the expansion of our customers’ engineering teams so they can focus on solving those big problems.

To continue to do this, we realized that right now we need to be focused, close to our customers and not be afraid to take radical action. 

Just how people grow up, so had Codility, and our brand was no longer representing this new version of who we were and who we needed to be. 

The overhaul

Embarking on the journey to refresh a brand – redesigning the logo, colours, fonts, and voice – is monumental. We were lucky to partner with the stellar brand strategy and design team at Tangent to help us navigate the sea of Cs and 01s. 

I’m not going to show a collage of failed logo prototypes. But let’s just say, if you ever need ideas for how you can redesign a ‘C’ you know who to call. 

We started with a range of initial concepts, and slowly filtered through until we landed on one which resonated across the team. What surprised us was how definitive it was once we landed on the idea which became the final concept. It was simple, yet complex. Accessible, yet different. Starting with a confident capital C, and ending with a keystroke as a nod to our focus on the world of engineers.

The evolution of Codility’s logo
The experience of refreshing a brand is comparable to the most difficult technical interview.


Refreshing a brand is a lot more than changing the logo. What followed were two and a half months of intense decision making around details of colour tones, fonts, shapes and structure. We wanted to show how the Codility platform is based on the scientific principle of evidence over assumption, while leaving space for a little drama and delight. Our final concept combines shape, colour and structural lines – and we think it’s beautiful. 

Say hello to yellow

We unveiled our refreshed branding to the global team at Christmas to much excitement. Waiting with our breath held behind a sea of yellow balloons to see the reaction to such a bold change in aesthetics, we got a great reaction. Across the company, we began to see natural adoption from slack emojis to presentation decks to… office crocs. 

Collage of images from Codility
Spreading our brand refresh announcement across our remote teams with much excitement!


This week, we unveiled our new website and updated our application interface

The Codility platform
The Codility team is excited to embark on this new journey to help advance our customer’s pre-employment screening initiatives.

Innovation never stops

This is a critical time for Codility and our technical recruiting product category. Our job is to ensure that we help our customers thrive in a remote-first world and help them build high-performing remote teams.

Our industry doesn’t respect tradition — it only respects innovation. 

The last 10 years have taught us a lot about how to hire engineers across different roles, seniority levels, demographics and geographies. Right now, our customers are all figuring out how to move their technical recruiting process online

I’m proud to say that we’re a remote-first hiring organization and we’re familiar with building remote teams, and we are here to help. Whether you’re used to running your recruitment processes fully remote, or finding yourself trying to nativate how to build effective remote teams for the very first time, we have experience to offer on this journey.

Book a demo with us and let’s talk about it.

Written by Rachel Whitehead, VP Marketing at Codility

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