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Building well-designed and role-specific pre-employment screening tests that match the demands of your hiring needs is easier than ever. With our new collection of ready-made CodeCheck Templates, hiring teams can harness the full expertise of Codility’s skill-evaluation design on demand.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new and exciting addition to our product offering that will reduce your time-to-hire metrics and deliver a better virtual candidate experience for developers

Ready-Made Pre-Employment Screening Tests Available On-Demand

Designed for your team’s most in-demand hiring needs, we’re releasing a collection of 30 ready-made CodeCheck Templates designed for 12 common tech roles evaluating qualification, proficiency, and aptitude. 

Improve candidate experience with role-specific pre-employement screening tests.
CodeCheck Templates deliver better a candidate experience and more relevant signals to hiring teams.


These roles include: 

  • Python Developer with Django
  • Backend Developer
  • Java Developer with Spring
  • Frontend Developer with React
  • Frontend Developer with Angular
  • Data Scientist
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Basic coding aptitude

Each template has been carefully designed with seniority and difficulty in mind for the specific role. Taking this and stack into consideration, each role will consist of two or three levels of target seniority. The tests will also include “best practices” to include such as a warm-up task, gradation of complexity, etc. 

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In addition, you’ll be able to use descriptions to indicate one of four purposes of the coding assessment template including: 

  1. Qualification – to check whether the candidates meet a minimum bar of requirements
  2. Proficiency – to see how well the candidates use a specific set of skills
  3. Knowledge – to check the candidates’ domain knowledge
  4. Aptitude – to see if the candidates have the potential to enter into software development, without prior know-how

Now, anyone creating a CodeCheck test can harness the full expertise of the Codility team automatically, and on-demand. 

Building A Coding Assessment for a Better Virtual Candidate Experience

We know that well-designed CodeCheck tests deliver better a candidate experience and more relevant signals to hiring teams. Users, however, can struggle to build well-designed CodeCheck tests quickly without the help of Codility Support or Sales Engineering. 

Because not everyone is an expert in skill evaluation design or has the time to explore the full range of tasks in the Codility library, we’ve carefully designed CodeCheck Templates for specific roles. All our templates are designed with the skills and knowledge areas required for specific jobs in mind. 

An added bonus? Tying tasks to jobs based on the skill expectations for those jobs help add “content validity” to the tests.  Plus, this intentional job skill to task and test mapping makes the tests you create more job-relevant – especially for jobs that require more language-agnostic entry-level skills. 

Whatever your use case, this ensures that you’ll be crafting well-designed and role-specific technical screening tests simple for any member of your team. 

With these quick, customizable, and role-specific CodeCheck Templates, hiring qualified engineers globally, and at scale,  just got a whole lot easier. 

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Jan Ambroziewicz is Senior Product Manager at Codility, leading the development of the core task platform, a fan of filter coffee, and an after-hours electronic music producer.

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