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Global software company, Bentley Systems, operates in 171 countries outside of the United States and employs over 4,000 people worldwide. Like many tech businesses, Bentley relied on on-campus recruitment to find talented engineering candidates to fill its open roles. However, pandemic restrictions meant that many companies could no longer visit college campuses – bringing recruitment efforts to a grinding halt. 

Before 2020, employers like Bentley participated in an average of 47 career fairs. Despite the unusual circumstances, Bentley needed a solution that would continue recruitment efforts and ensure they successfully employed top-tier candidates. 

While many companies slowed down in 2020, Bentley Systems continued its graduate program through a remote recruitment platform. Keep reading to find out how! 

Shifting to an Online Recruitment Platform

Before they went remote, Bentley’s graduate program would usually get around 50 applications per career fair. However, when campuses closed, they suddenly received over 2,000 applications in only six weeks. Although it seems strange, there’s new data to support what Bentley experienced. When businesses implement a remote hiring process, their candidate pools widen, leading to a high volume of applicants.

With more candidates actively seeking remote employment during the pandemic, virtual hiring processes and onboardings have become the norm. According to this report, 33% of hiring professionals thought the pandemic made it easier to hire college students or recent graduates. 

However, without a platform to help manage each stage of the remote hiring process, filtering out unqualified candidates can be difficult. 

By leveraging an online platform, Bentley Systems could eliminate unqualified candidates quickly and before technical interviews. This new hiring structure also improved candidate experience, which helped Bently maintain a high-quality talent pool throughout the hiring process. Previously, it took Bentley Systems six weeks to send the offer to the qualified candidates. Now, they can do this in as little as four weeks. 

Streamline Recruitment With an Online Coding Test

With over 3,000 global applicants to filter through, Bentley Systems utilized CodeCheck as part of its online recruitment process. CodeCheck tests the technical skills of a candidate through tailored online coding tests. 

CodeCheck reduced Bentley’s time to hire metrics and helped narrow down candidates based on skill sets, not just resumes. According to Girene Sciukaite, Graduate & Intern Development Program Director, CodeCheck improved its hiring processes on numerous levels:

“We transitioned every initial technical phone screening with a software engineer into a CodeCheck test. It saved a lot of time for our engineers and recruiters. In some cases, we were able to complete the pre-screening phase in less than a week.”

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CodeLive: An Essential Part of Your Recruitment Strategy

Now that they had a remote hiring structure in place, Bentley Systems saw remote recruiting in a whole new light. Remote campus recruitment wasn’t limiting. Instead, Bentley saw it as an opportunity. With the help of technology, they could understand a candidate’s skills and cultural fit better than ever. 

Candidates who pass the screening phase with CodeCheck get set up for a technical interview with a software engineer via CodeLive. Providing an excellent virtual hiring experience is all about improving candidate engagement. CodeLive helps engineering managers connect with candidates personally – even in a fully-remote technical interview. 

Hiring managers can communicate with the candidate through video, voice, and pair-programming capabilities. They can also assess how the candidate solves problems under pressure and implement their knowledge and skills to real-life situations. 

Make Technical Screening More Effective 

For Bentley Systems, putting recruitment on hold during 2020 was not an option. They needed a scalable solution to improve their hiring processes and adapt to a remote-first environment. 

A key KPI for Bentley Systems was improving the candidate acceptance rate. With these new systems in place, 85% of offers were accepted in the United States before the end of fall. With Codility’s technical screening processes, Bentley efficiently reviewed over 3,000 applications and reduced time to hire metrics by over 30%. 

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Vienna Urias, Content Marketing Manager at Codility

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