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We’re eager to help hiring teams hit the ground running so we’re launching an integration with softgarden to make it easier to hire the right developers to propel your team forward.

Today, we’re delighted to announce our integration with softgarden, whose recruiting software helps you attract, convince and hire great candidates quickly. Based out of Berlin, Saarbrucken and Krakow, the softgarden team is passionate about bringing authenticity to employer branding and have built a talent acquisition suite that helps 1,000 customers incorporate feedback, build attractive career pages and speed up their hiring process.

Seamless Hiring Manager <> Recruiter communication

Our integration works directly with softgarden’s applicant tracking system, allowing Recruiters to select the relevant CodeCheck technical assessment from Codility, and trigger sending it to your candidate via softgarden. 

For Hiring Managers; this means that you’re able to speed up the technical screening process, and empower Recruiters with objective insight about a candidate’s ability to be successful in the role. For Recruiters; you’ll be able to efficiently qualify candidates for your software engineering team in a candidate-centric way.  

Both softgarden and Codility are GDPR compliant and take data security very seriously. With a number of customers operating across Europe, we’re here to help ensure your candidate data is kept safe.

We’re excited to be working with softgarden and are ready to get you set up with our integration. Contact us at [email protected] or your account manager at softgarden to get started!

Gunther Nonneman is a Product Manager at Codility.

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