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Build Your Employer Brand

Cast a wider net by sponsoring an online coding challenge on Codility's Programmers' Home.

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Why Clients Sponsor Challenges

Programmers' Home Challenges create a talent marketing advantage and generate quality candidates.

Raise Awareness of Your Company

Raise Awareness of Your Company

Whether you're opening a new office or already hiring globally, investing in building a strong employer brand will boost your tech recruiting performance. But doing so can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. 

Sponsoring a Codility Challenge spotlights your company in front of our growing developer community, which is chock-full of talented coders interested in learning about career opportunities.

The Programmers' Home community is 190,000+ strong, with more developers joining every month primarily from North America, Europe, and East Asia. 

Drive Developers to Your Jobs Page

Drive Developers to Your Jobs Page

The best sourcing strategies engage prospective hires through multiple channels. By diversifying your sourcing efforts, you cast a wider to connect with developers you might have otherwise overlooked. 

A Sponsored Challenge draws more eyes to your job listings and developer careers site and increases your following on social media by connecting you with a new audience for 12 months. 

Every month over 300,000 programmers visit Codility's Programmers' Home.

Build Authentic Connections

Build Authentic Connections

Engineers are inundated with emails, phone calls, and online information about new opportunities. Authenticity is the key to building real connections with people who love to code and learn new technologies.

The Codility Programmers' Home is a free platform for developers to learn and compete online. Sponsored Challenges allow you to support their learning while also introducing your engineering team in a natural way.

46% of Codility's Programmers' Home are junior developers with up to 3 years professional programming experience. 

"Through Codility, we put our brand in front of thousands of talented developers and diversified our sourcing tactics. Codility Sponsored Challenges empowered us to stand out and now we have 700 coders to build relationships with and potentially hire."

Matias di Tada | VP of Product Engineering
Avature customer success quote

What Sponsored Challenges include

Let us manage the logistics

We've been running online coding challenges for our fans and followers since 2012, and over the years we've fine-tuned the process. Once you've selected the desired dates for your Sponsored Challenge, we will begin preparations with a clear timeline and begin behind the scenes set up.

We work directly with your global employer branding team to ensure your engineering team is represented well in the promotion of your Sponsored Challenge to our Programmers' Home community.

  • Promotion to the Codility Programmers' Home
    And across our social media to drive global participation 
  • Participant Report 
    With participant information for future engagement
  • Direct traffic to your jobs page 
    Continuing one year after the challenge ends

Sponsored Challenge Resources

Avature customer success story

How Avature connected with 696 devs

Avature put its employer brand in front of thousands of talented developers through Codility's Programmers' Home.

Case Study
Codility Sponsored Challenges great sourcing tactic

Your new Weapon X sourcing strategy

Codility Sponsored Challenges raise awareness of your company brand in our expansive developer community. 

The Anatomy of Great Tech Hiring ebook

The Anatomy of Great Tech Hiring

Recruiting strategies for Technical Hiring Managers looking to stay candidate-focused and build genuine relationships.


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