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Engage Engineers Online

Use CodeChallenges to ignite action amongst your developer database of fans and followers, or at specific events. 

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Why Use CodeChallenges?

Create Excitement at Events

Create Excitement at Events

Whether you're running a booth or speaking on stage, getting the attention of the right people can be difficult. Use a CodeChallenge to drive developer foot traffic to your stand, with early registrations, fun prizes, and a public leaderboard. 

Captivate Fans and Followers

Captivate Fans and Followers

Social media is a great way to build a loyal audience and elevate your company and brand, but it can be tough to engage your passive followers. By running a CodeChallenge online and promoting it across your social channels, you'll be able to engage passive job hunters and convert them into candidates.

Re-engage Your Database

Re-engage Your Database

Sometimes great people you source and build relationships with don't progress down your hiring funnel. Inviting disengaged or former candidates to participate in an online CodeChallenge provides a basis to reconnect and stir interest for further tech interviews.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to find and engage candidates. The results were great - we connected with tons of candidates and expanded the pool of qualified talent available.”

Shu Wu | Director
Indeed customer success quote

What CodeChallenges include

Built and managed by the Codility team, running a well-branded CodeChallenge has never been easier.

Designed to Represent You

Whether you're running a CodeChallenge at an event, as part of a tech recruitment campaign, or in line with your overarching hiring strategy, we'll tailor the CodeChallenge look and feel to your specific needs.

You'll partner with our technical team to design the perfect coding challenge for your company's hiring goals. We've been running online coding challenges since 2012, so we're veterans at ensuring challenges are fun and drive competition. 

  • Branded Registration Page and Leaderboard
    Aligned to your brand and specific campaign creative
  • Purpose-Built Challenge Task
    Created exclusively for your CodeChallenge
  • Real-time Access to Participant Scores
    Direct to your Codility account or ATS for fast follow up
  • Flexible Start Times
    With durations from 2 hours to 2 weeks

CodeChallenge Resources

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Grant Street implemented effective screening upfront

The team combined the job application and code assessment steps to streamline and expedite the candidate experience.

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The Art of Hiring Developers Guide

Recruiting strategies for filling front-end, back-end, and DevOps roles and building a collaborative engineering force.

Yggdrasil Gaming customer success story

How Yggdrasil overhauled talent marketing

Yggdrasil used Codility to stand out against other hiring companies and eventually make 4 hires through events.

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