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Hire the Right Engineers with the Codility Evaluation Engine

43 min

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In the fast-evolving world of tech, hiring the right engineers with the right skills is paramount for your organization’s success.

From detecting and deterring the use of generative AI to identifying and assessing the engineering skills of the future, the Codility Evaluation Engine is built for how your team assesses and hires engineers.

Join Ted Irland, Senior Solutions Engineer at Codility, for a live demonstration of the Codility platform as he highlights:

  • Why the Codility Evaluation Engine is the go-to choice for global enterprises seeking to ensure a fair, valid, and compliant hiring process built by assessment science.
  • How to leverage the Evaluation Engine, including CodeCheck, CodeLive, and CodeEvent, for all your technical hiring needs, including evaluating code quality, conducting live interviews, or hosting coding challenges.
  • How Codility will empower your organization to hire the right engineers with the right skills without compromising the candidate experience.

Watch this demo to see how the Codility Evaluation Engine can help you hire the right engineers 2.5x faster.

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