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CodeEvent: Finding the Right Candidates at Events with Codility

15 min

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If you’re like most enterprise organizations, you likely use recruiting events as part of your hiring strategy to meet and screen candidates. But when screening for engineering roles, it can be difficult to quickly assess if candidates have the right skills – especially at scale.

With CodeEvent, you can assess and engage thousands of participants in gamified coding challenges to quickly determine the right hires for your organization.

Join Lindsey Ludwick, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Codility, for a demonstration of CodeEvent, as she highlights:

  • How to set up your own CodeEvents in minutes
  • How to leverage gamification leaderboards in coding challenges to keep candidates and internal participants engaged
  • Robust reporting you can use to rank top performers and fill your candidate funnel with the most qualified candidates
  • Leveraging CodeCheck or a CodeLive technical interview as a next step in the hiring process

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