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CodeEvent, our newest product designed for hackathon and campus recruitment management, is purpose-built to meet the needs of virtual, in-person, and campus recruitment hiring programs, as well as internal talent engagement for enterprise and regulated organizations. With it, talent acquisition teams can orchestrate engaging coding events to evaluate the technical skills of a large number of participants – quickly, fairly, and efficiently. 

Leveraging the Codility Evaluation Engine and the strongest signal in the industry, our customers can now organize, schedule, and manage events with thousands of participants and view results – all within one platform.

CodeEvent users save time when administering high-volume assessment events and can filter out candidates at scale to efficiently advance only the most qualified candidates to the next round. 

Top CodeEvent participants can then be invited to a more in-depth or role-specific CodeCheck test or move right into a technical interview with CodeLive. Engineering managers can reward top performers of internal hackathons with recognition and prizes, while also uncovering growth and mentorship opportunities for others

How it Works 

In July, we launched CodeEvent Beta and successfully piloted the new product with our build partners. It has already helped one global team at one of our Fortune 15 customers shorten their recruitment process from 3 months to 1 month while increasing the number of applicants compared to the previous year. They even achieved up to a 77% participation rate

Now, we are making CodeEvent available to all of our customers.

With CodeEvent, you can:

  • Create and schedule events within our platform’s intuitive UI. 
  • Choose the best fundamental tasks for the event from our extensive library, or utilize your custom content. 
  • Invite participants from a list or allow them to self-register on a landing page.
  • Assess up to 10,000 candidates per event. 
  • Easily pull the event report,  so your talent acquisition team can stack, rank, filter, and prioritize which participants to follow up with first.  
  • View complete scoring analysis so hiring managers can gain insights into the engineering skills of the event participants. 

CodeEvent also pairs well with all of our existing solutions. After a successful event, you can send a follow-up CodeCheck test to selected candidates so they can show their real-life skills in technologies that will be used in an actual job. Then after identifying top talent, pass them to the CodeLive interview with the hiring manager to better understand their technical and soft skills.

Why CodeEvent for Campus Recruitment & Hackathons

Hiring and engaging engineers today is a challenging task for many enterprises. Competition is fierce for top early-career candidates, and retention and engagement of internal talent are paramount – especially in times of downturn. 

That’s why enterprises need to stay competitive and quickly assess as many candidates as possible with the most accurate signals about their coding skills. Enter hackathons and campus recruitment events. 

These programs are ideal for helping you meet your hiring and retention goals because they are the fastest (and easiest) way to find top early-career candidates and engage internal talent. Running these mass recruitment events can help you reach thousands of potential candidates at a time, expose your brand to large development communities, and achieve your hiring goals. 

Book a demo with us to see CodeEvent at work, as well as the rest of our technical assessment platform. Current customers can contact their Codility representative to try CodeEvent today. 

Amy Millard is the Chief Marketing Offer at Codility.

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