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Recruiting software developers and engineers is a big challenge for many organizations looking to ramp up their tech development. According to a recent survey, more than 60% of HR professionals say that recruiting engineers and developers is their biggest challenge in 2021.

But sourcing the competent engineers and developers you need to meet your organization’s goals doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few proactive steps you can take to quickly simplify the process of hiring software developers and sought-after engineers to meet your business objectives more efficiently. Let’s dive in! 

Step #1: Reorganize your TA teams by focusing on skills 

The best recruiting is all about relationships. You can organize your recruiting team in a way that will help maximize their ability to build more relationships with potential engineering candidates.

For example, you could organize recruiters according to different roles or tech skills. One recruiter might focus on frontend and backend developers, while another concentrates on quality assurance and software integration engineers. If your TA teams are focused on certain skills, when a specific need arises you will already have recruiters in contact with suitable candidates so they can start the interviewing process quickly.

Another way to organize recruiters is to divide them up based on experience levels so that some recruiters focus on recruiting entry-level engineers and others concentrate on senior-level engineers, and so forth. When you need to fill an entry-level position, you contact the recruiter with that focus, and they can act fast.

Three ways to make hiring software developers easier and faster.
When recruiting engineers, great candidate experience is possible, even when hiring virtually.

Step #2: Design a great CX for recruiting engineers

There’s a lot of competition for good software developers and engineers, so it’s essential to provide each candidate with a positive, authentic experience. According to this survey, most candidates believe that the way a company treats applicants during a hiring process reflects how the company treats its employees. That’s why it’s crucial to create a good experience for engineering candidates, helping them develop a positive view of what it would be like to work at your organization.

A great candidate experience is possible, even if you’re recruiting and hiring virtually. Focus on clear and open communication, beginning with your job postings and position descriptions. 

Also, be sure to communicate your commitment to DE&I and explain what the candidate can expect from the recruiting experience. For instance, let candidates know the entire process (three different interviews? A coding test?) and the hiring timeline. In addition, make sure the candidate experience includes opportunities to get a glimpse into your organization’s culture

For instance, allow candidates to interact with other employees to learn how they work, their normal communication modes with team members, and the management styles used in your organization. Building a robust social media presence can also offer candidates a window into your company culture.

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Step #3: Conduct dynamic interviews with skills testing  

The interview process can be an important way to provide candidates with a glimpse of your organization’s inner workings and culture. Because of that, be sure to approach interviews as authentic, two-way conversations.

Avoid allowing the interview to become a one-sided approach that involves you simply sizing up the candidate. Instead, let the discussion be a process where the candidate can learn more about your company and ask questions to decide whether it might be a good fit for them. 

One way to do this is with hands-on skills testing, allowing candidates to see exactly the type of work they could expect if hired by your organization. At the same time, skills tests will enable you to see whether the candidate’s engineering skills measure up to your standards.

If you can’t conduct interviews in person, using video is the next best thing because it allows you and the candidate to view body language and expressions, helping to build trust. Focus on making your interviews friendly and thorough, especially if you’re conducting remote interviews. Tools like CodeLive allow you to conduct technical interviews that are both collaborative and secure. 

With careful planning and organization, you can overcome the challenge of recruiting engineers and simplify the process of sourcing and hiring the qualified technical recruits you need.

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Nancy Mann Jackson is a freelance writer who specializes in HR, small business, finance, and education.

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