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Codility has been ranked by G2 as the #1 Technical Skills Screening Platform in Europe and Customer Satisfaction Leaders in multiple categories. 

Every quarter, G2 collates organic and unbiased reviews from software users that help 60 million people a year make smarter software decisions. Codility, the top-rated SaaS platform to assess programming skills and make evidence-based hiring decisions, is proud to have been voted #1 in the G2 Technical Skills Screening Software Grid® in Europe and in categories such as Likelihood to Recommend, Quality of Support, Ease of Use, and Ease of Setup.

The Technical Skills Screening Software Grid® (or TSS Grid) looks at companies that help customers evaluate the technical abilities of prospective employees with things like coding assessments or code challenges, reporting tools that help analyze candidate results, and helping organizations recruit remotely (and at scale) with strong talent pools. 

Powered by the Codility Evaluation Engine, Top-Rated by Global Enterprises

1,200+ customers globally, including Unity, SWIFT, Zalando, Deutsche Bank, and Deloitte, trust Codility’s proprietary Evaluation Engine to hire the right engineers, 2.5x faster.

Access the latest G2 report to find out why these customers:

  • 98% gave Codility 4 to 5 stars
  • 94% rated Codility as #1 for ease of setup
  • 93% would be likely to recommend Codility
  • 93% rated Codility’s quality of support as #1
  • 93% agreed Codility is the easiest technical skills screening platform to use

What Our Customers Had to Say About Us on G2: 

“Codility has been our trusted partner for more than four years. They help us improve our recruitment processes, shorten our time to hire, and automate a lot of our tests and assessments of candidates in general. The communication with them as a B2B is always smooth and on the spot. They are one of the best business partners I have ever worked with.” 

– Boryana B., Talent Acquisition Manager,

“Codility help us to automate the technical screening process, from the take home assessment to the technical interviews, in our case are system design and pair coding. We’re reducing biases in the process and offering a good environment to let our candidates show their coding skills.”

– Rubén V., Lead Tech Recruiter 

“Very extensive database of tests, tasks. It is possible both to choose a ready-made test, and to create it yourself or to use the help of Codility team. Helpdesk works great, also the team responsible for customer service , especially Karen Kainyu are sensational. The result is not only in the form of a number, but the whole report is available, the ability to follow how the solution was created. LiveCode is also a great idea. Openness of the team to meet customer needs, new ideas.”

– Katarzyna S., Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

As always, we’d like to thank our customers for putting their trust in our product and to everyone at Codility working to foster faster hiring for talent acquisition teams and giving engineers more time to solve problems that matter.

Access the report here or contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve technical hiring success.

Codility is the leading technical hiring platform for companies to test the coding skills of developers and make evidence-based hiring decisions. Codility predicts the real-life skills of candidates at all stages of the hiring process and for more than a decade, has evaluated the problem-solving skills of over 15 million developers and counting.

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