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Finding Great Junior Developers Means Building an Effective Talent Pipeline

Finding the perfect candidate to fill a technical role is a weighty task, but an important one. Having the right people on your team can move the business in a positive direction and put you on track to get the best results. In today’s landscape, recruitment often requires more than just putting out an ad and waiting for the next superstar to apply.

Effective recruiting for junior developers is an ongoing process and requires a proactive approach which starts even before a role opens up. There is value in having quality talent in the pipeline at all times!

What is a tech talent pipeline?

talent pipeline for tech recruiting is a network of proficient candidates that are ready to take a position, regardless of whether there is a role available for them. It results from a relationship-centric style of recruiting, in which companies develop relationships with—and engage—people who interest or impress them.

Talent pipelines are commonly referred to as “pools” or “networks.” Though they are essentially the same thing, a talent pipeline is intentional and can be utilized as a long-term recruitment strategy.

A pipeline also serves the purpose of keeping communication open with promising junior developers, even if they do not initially get the job they applied for. All too often we hear that the “timing was not right,” but why let a good candidate slip away that easily? Your recruitment workflow should offer a good experience for candidates, so that they are more likely to stay in touch.

Strategize building your tech talent pipeline

When learning how to build a tech talent pipeline, the starting point is identifying the future needs of your business and creating a framework that works for you.

Following are important things to consider when building a tech talent pipeline that delivers.

Use your company’s desirability to impressFrom company culture and reputation, to benefits and success, there is a range of important things that will attract the best tech talent and junior developers to your pipeline. Identify and articulate your company’s purpose, which defines what you do, so candidates feel motivated to join and be part of a shared mission.

Start youngThe best and brightest tech experts of tomorrow might still be in college, or even high school! Get involved in work placement programs or campus networking events to broaden your talent pool and increase your chances of finding people that are the right fit.

Hiring junior developers who have good foundational skills with strong potential can have many advantages. For instance, a lack of experience might not be so bad if a candidate has transferable skills and is enthusiastic about learning.

Participate in career training programsThere are plenty of career training programs out there including non-profits, that work—often in underprivileged communities—to prepare students and adults for jobs in tech. Your involvement in a program or charity like this could find you some incredible prospects.

Look within your companyCurrent employees could also be considered part of your talent pipeline, potentially even those in fields unrelated to tech. Nurturing and providing training to your own workforce gives them the resources they need to grow into bigger and better roles. They likely will already be familiar with the company culture and processes (which means less time invested towards onboarding!).

Be personable and communicativeFriendly conversation not only engages candidates and builds rapport throughout the process, but it allows you to get a feel for the soft skills of a junior developer—the ability to code is just as important as their ability to communicate, grow, and assimilate into your company.

Put your tech talent pipeline to use with Codility

A robust pipeline full of talented developers is the best place to start for tech companies looking to hire developer roles.

Now that you have found the right people, you can finally focus on narrowing down those in your tech talent pipeline to the best recruits…and we can help with that. Assess a candidate’s hard programming skills with our online CodeCheck tests, and gain the necessary insights that will help you hire smartly for your team.

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