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Depending on the scale of your tech recruiting plan, Codility's pricing provides licensing to support you as you grow.

Free Trial

Free Trial
Completely Free
Try Codility for yourself with a short-term trial of our platform.
  • Create CodeCheck tests 
    to evaluate your candidate's technical skills using 6 example tasks.
  • Invite 10 Candidates to CodeCheck
    and review their automatically scored report, playback their session, and view insights into their code performance.
  • Set Up 1 CodeLive Interview 
    to run a real-time tech interview in an online room with your candidate.


Annual Licensing

For growing teams and enterprises hiring globally.

  • Codility task library
    evaluating fundamental and role-based skills in 40+ technologies, across 4 difficulty levels.
  • Exclusive task library 
    of questions and tasks created by your team, or with the support of Codility.
  • Full anti-plagiarism suite
    giving you powerful visibility while not compromising the candidate experience.
  • SSO via SAML
    and full user and team administration to support global implementation.
  • Full data privacy and platform security to meet your compliance requirements.
  • Integrations ecosystem
    to support fast, high-scale workflows.
  • Support and services package 
    driven by our customer success team.

"We have limited recruiting hours, so we have to determine where our investments will have the greatest impact. Codility is a really efficient way to quickly identify and find people who can code well."

Josh Feintuch | Lead Tech Recruiter
Flatiron Health customer success quote

Frequently asked questions

  • How long is the Free Trial?

    You'll be able to access our basic platform for 7 days. Due to the nature of our business, our free trial is restrictive and only provides a small sample of our tech recruiting platform. Once you and your team are ready, we'll be happy to give you the access you need to evaluate the platform fully.

  • Are you GDPR compliant?

    Yes, Codility is fully GDPR compliant, and we can provide more information about our approach to data privacy and platform security depending on your specific questions. We strongly believe in candidate privacy and ensure candidate data is only shared with those who require it, and can anonymize data as needed. 

  • How many team members can use Codility? 

    Codility is designed for multiple hiring teams running tech recruitment across offices globally. Admins are able to adjust permissions management, set up teams of users, and enable SSO via SAML. 

  • How does licensing work?

    We work with customers on an annual basis, with a selection of license options depending on your hiring scale, number of users, and service level. Contact us to begin the discussion on which license will fit your company best.

You're in good company

Over 1,000 companies around the world use Codility's tech recruiting platform to improve their hiring processes.

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