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Codility has always been focused on being a great place to work, and our job roles just got a lot better. The shift to virtual means companies around the world are now hiring employees from anywhere, but those who work in far-flung locations often don’t get the same employee benefits as those who work in the employer’s base country. 

That’s no longer the case at Codility. We’re proud and excited to be rolling out new protection benefits for our talent community, no matter where they are in the world.

How Codility Benefits Are Changing

The new Codility benefit package includes top-notch health, life and other insurance for employees in every location. The new, expanded benefit options are based on best-in-class global offerings.

In the past, we looked at each country and the benefits we offered in a very individual way, meaning we looked at what was competitive for that market and we tried to be as competitive as possible. What we failed to understand is that we are truly a global company first. 

There isn’t one perfect country, and some are exceeding in certain focused areas more than others. We stepped back and wanted to take a more universal approach as much as possible to make sure that everyone had access to quality healthcare, mental health, financial wellbeing, retirement planning, and other areas.

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Why Now?

Codility jobs are filled by the best talent from around the world. Our talent community includes engineers, designers, and other professionals on every continent. In an effort to retain our amazing employees and continue recruiting the best people for careers at Codility, it was time to revamp our benefits offerings. 

Especially after the crisis of a global pandemic, we want to make sure everyone on our team can rest easy with the peace of mind that if the worst happens to them, we’ve got them covered with the best possible safety net. And that’s true whether our employees are in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, or anywhere in the world. 

Why Codility jobs include world-class world-class benefits
Codilty careers now come with competitive world-class benefits focused on attracting top talent.


Codility’s previous practice of just staying competitive with benefits in local markets wasn’t driving up the value of its benefits offerings. We found it was also creating a weird dynamic between talent in different hubs, and we wanted to be true to our first core value, the fact that “We Are Human” because we all need access to really great benefits! 

Fairness is also a big part of Codility’s company culture, so we also wanted to make sure our insurance benefit is fair for all of our employees. Whether they’re saying “Hello” or “Hallo”,  we want to give them parity with their colleagues overseas, so we’re using Ben in the EU and Sequoia in the US to roll out Health Insurance and Life Insurance.                                             

Everyone is happier at work when they know just how appreciated they are, no matter the size of the talent community. At Codility, we want to keep offering best-in-class insurance to our best-in-class employees, no matter how many great people we hire. And as we continue to grow, using tools like Ben and Sequoia will help us to scale our offering easily.  

Focusing on the Whole Person 

In addition to health insurance and life insurance, Codility has also rolled out other valuable benefits to provide for employees’ current needs. They include a renewed focus on mental health, remote work, opportunities for relocation and a competitive compensation strategy.

For example, everyone at Codility accumulates 27 days of Personal Time Off to recharge, recover and relax. Every Codility employee also has four mental health days per year that do not have to be approved. These days are offered in addition to PTO days to recognize and bring to light the importance of mental health. In addition, our healthcare benefit plan includes mental health and therapy benefits.

As a result of the pandemic, many Codility careers have become long-term remote opportunities. And for many people, working remotely means an opportunity to relocate to another city or country. That’s why Codility’s new benefits package includes a detailed plan for relocations, including the ability to request a relocation for personal reasons.

Want to try out our new insurance package for yourself? Good news – we’re hiring!

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Jason Medley is Chief People Officer at Codility

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