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Run Better Tech Interviews

CodeLive provides an online room to collaborate and code with your candidates in real-time tech interviews.

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Run better tech interviews with Codility's CodeLive CodeLive interface

Why use CodeLive?

Give your team the tools they need to really get to know candidates.

Stronger virtual interviews
Insights into communication style
More natural interview experience
Faster feedback from interviewers
Standardized recruiting process
Automatically scored feedback
User-friendly and flexible tool

It's hard to refactor on paper

Your interviewers need a reliable tool to run real-life tech interviews with candidates. With CodeLive, they can quickly set up an online room to collaborate with candidates in live coding interviews.

  • Run unit tests and compile code
  • Video and voice connection
  • Supports individual and group interviews
  • Automatic interview report with full code playback 
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“With CodeLive we have great insights by seeing how candidates actually work and write code before they come onboard. We now have answers to questions we weren't even able to ask before about candidates' abilities."

Daniel Anechitoaie | Sr. Solutions Architect
OSF Global Services custom success quote

Designed to work for your whole team

No two teams run tech interviews exactly the same, so we provide a range of ways to run your CodeLive interviews.

Fully Flexible Interviews

Fully Flexible Tech Interviews

CodeLive whiteboard mode enables interviewers to run free-flowing tech interviews from scratch. This is great for interviewers looking to use their own technical screening questions in an interactive environment with candidates. 

Template mode for structured interviews

Structured Interviews

CodeLive template mode allows interviewers to start the tech interview with pre-selected tasks ready to go. This improves tech interview standardization and ensures candidates are scored apples-to-apples if the CodeLive session replaces a CodeCheck assessment.

Reportmode for CodeCheck follow-up

CodeCheck Follow-up

CodeLive report mode creates a seamless candidate experience when transitioning from CodeCheck, because tech interviewers can load a candidate's CodeCheck submission as a starting point. Great for diving into the code together or seeing how a candidate would improve their work.

Built to deliver great experiences for both candidates and tech interviewers

CodeLive empowers you to run a successful, engaging tech interview.

CodeLive UI with face-to-face

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Ready to check out CodeLive's tech interview platform for your team? 

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Using CodeLive, OSF Global refactored the way they run recruitment for high-value and senior developer roles.  

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