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Why We Raised a $22M Series A

Why We Raised a $22M Series A

Codility announces an investment round led by Oxx and Kennet Partners to expand our platform and accelerate growth.

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Companies in all industries are going through digitization and getting their engineering teams right — quickly — is key. We know this challenge well. 

Codility was born out of frustration over the traditional way of hiring engineers. Our founder, Greg Jakacki and his team, were spending countless hours on interviewing and assessing algorithms on whiteboards, instead of shipping code and scaling their business. 

Over 10 years and 1,500 customers later, our purpose is as clear as ever.

Codility exists because the world needs more problem-solving capacity. Engineering teams should spend their time building products and making sure their code base is solid. 

Engineering candidates should be evaluated on merit, in an unbiased way, based on what they will be doing on the job. 

Companies should have a clear map of the skillset and capacity of their engineering teams, and therefore know where to augment them with new hires and up-skilling. 

For the last decade, we were proudly funded by our customers.

Years of bootstrapping taught us to work hard, focus on our customers, act thoughtfully, and do it all without ego. At the same time, we were limited in our reach and kept feeling that there was so much more we could do and build if only we could spin up a couple more engineering teams or run a couple more campaigns. Our customers started to hack Codility themselves to adapt our platform to more use cases beyond our initial scope - this proved to us that there is a true need for expanding what we do. 

We realized we owe it to the category to take a bigger stand. This is why we decided to refuel, equip ourselves with external experience, and go full speed ahead.

We’ve partnered with experienced investors, Richard Anton at Oxx and Hillel Zidel at Kennet Partners and raised $22 million to expand our platform and accelerate growth. We’ve welcomed our long-term mentor and supporter, Keith Wallington, as Chairman. We’ve augmented our leadership team with experienced operators. We’ll use this investment to accelerate our growth in 2020, serve more engineering teams, and support our rapidly growing enterprise customers.

Thank you to our customers, team, community, advisors and investors for your wisdom, feedback, and support. 

We couldn’t be more excited to enter 2020 with you.

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