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Once again we have been reminded that the world is not a safe, fair and just place for us all. The events of the past week across the US have raised awareness, and now, demand action.

As CEO, I stand in solidarity with our employees, customers, and our communities who are voicing their deep frustration with the oppressive systems and deep injustice which still exist in our world today. Equal rights, opportunities, justice, freedom, and safety for everyone no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, beliefs and nationality is something I care deeply about.

Watching Codility grow over the past 10 years, I have seen first hand that it is our diversity which makes us stronger. But from Warsaw to San Francisco, our employees live in communities with varying levels of awareness, tolerance and support for the oppressed. Our customers and their candidates come from all backgrounds, and we owe it to all of them to make sure that the future of tech hiring we’re building together is one based on equal opportunity. Period.

Taking action

We have helped to remove bias from tech hiring, and we still have a lot of work to do. Completely removing systemic prejudice in hiring, whether conscious or not, is something we can directly impact, and which we must prioritize more. 

I’ve asked the Codility team to align around this problem and to see where else we can provide leadership, guidance, innovation and research to our customers and candidates, to make sure that the future of hiring is equitable for all. If you have ideas, suggestions or initiatives which you think we need to prioritize, please let us know – you can email us at [email protected]

I’ve also spent a lot of time this past week reading, listening and reflecting on what Codility must do to stand with the Black community, with the LGBTQ+ community this Pride month, and most importantly, how we can take action.

I don’t think we have all our bases covered, and I am sure we can and will do a lot more. But this is a start.

For our Employees:

Time to participate

All US-based employees are being given an extra PTO day this week to support the movement in the way they see fit, and ensure they and their families are safe. Our people operations team have reached out to each of our US-based employees to offer short term support as needed so they know we are here for them and that they have a safe place to work.

Visual symbols of support

In celebration of Pride Month, we are showing our support for diversity across the board by adding a rainbow to our logo on social media and in our internal communication channels. Changing our logo is a small but visual symbol of our commitment to building an inclusive culture here at Codility, It’s our diversity that makes us stronger. I hope that seeing the rainbow in our logo reminds each of our employees to lift up and support one another and to speak up when they think we can do better.

For our Communities:

Donating to those driving urgent change

We are making a donation to the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and will match employee donations. We’re also making a donation to the LGBTQ+ movements in Poland and the UK and will match employee donations.

For our Customers:

Fast-tracking anti-bias tools

In June we will release new features designed to remove bias from the hiring process, and make them available for all customers as a standard in our platform. We were already working on a new generation of anti-bias tools, however now we will bolster the teams working on them to make sure we can make it available to our customers as soon as possible.

Let’s create an equitable future for tech hiring

How you hire fundamentally shapes the diversity of engineering teams, the products they build, and the services they support. We’ve done research into diversity in hiring in the past, and more recently we’ve done deep dives for our customers on an ad-hoc basis. We need to do more of this, and are ideating internally on the best approach.

For the Global Developer Community:

Knowing your skills (and nothing else) will be front and center

Since day one we’ve been focused on designing our interface, skill evaluation methodology, and content to be accessible to all, and fair. We’ll soon be introducing a new metric to our customers to help them understand how fair their technical hiring is, based on your feedback.

Consulting employers on equitable hiring practices

2020 has been a challenging year for people everywhere, with many developers being forced back into a half-frozen job market. Slowly that job market will begin to defrost, slowly at first, then all at once. You’ll have a lot more competition for jobs than you did before, and it’s likely most of your process will need to be run remotely. We think we can help by making sure that the Talent Acquisition and Engineering Leaders running the hiring processes you’re part of understand equitable hiring practices, and have the tools to make it happen.

If you have ideas, suggestions or initiatives which you think we should be supporting, please let us know – you can email us at [email protected]

Natalia Panowicz is CEO at Codility, where she has held key roles since joining as one of the company’s earliest employees. She has expanded Codility from Europe into the US, securing $22M in venture capital along the way. Codility has 150 employees over 3 offices, enables over 1,500+ companies to build stronger engineering teams, and is doubling its enterprise customer base year-over-year.

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