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The way teams hire for technical roles is changing rapidly, especially as new roles are created to address specific business needs.

Of course, companies should be hiring talent to fill their usual technical openings, but teams that focus on niche roles will stay competitive and attract innovative talent.

The process starts with identifying the top IT jobs for new recruits. Knowing what these roles are and why they are becoming so popular can help tech recruiters and hiring managers build strong engineering teams. And there’s a strong chance that these roles will only grow, making it all the more important to find people for them now.

Top 5 IT jobs of today and tomorrow

With the recent advances in technology, new skill sets are becoming increasingly prominent, creating entirely new positions and elevating pre-existing ones. The following are some of the most popular IT jobs right now.

Helpdesk & user support – These individuals often tackle frustrating challenges daily, whether they be from internal employees or external customers. These individuals benefit a lot from having a wide array of tools at their disposal, from proper training to adequate documentation. Understand that supporting end users is a very tough job, so it’s important ensure the people you consider for this role have the right mix of technical aptitude and people skills.

IT security specialists – Information security is as persistent a concern as ever. Despite advances in cybersecurity tech, BEC scams—costing more than $12.5 billion in losses for businesses globally—and other malicious activities are still rampant. Both analysts and engineers in security positions will need to be familiar with your frameworks and technologies. The cybersecurity industry is expected to steadily grow until at least 2023, so make sure to budget for these roles as they’ll be in high demand for at least the near future.

DevOps personnel – One of the most remarkable traits of today’s technologies are their integration capabilities. DevOps engineers are a class of technical gurus who build or improve on applications and connect different systems. These individuals are integral to a company’s success, so make sure the developers you hire have the existing skills to be successful and the chops to learn more about their craft as time progresses.

Roles using AI, machine learning, & computer vision – Artificial intelligence teams are becoming more common in engineering organizations. These roles often require a ton of creative liberty and plenty of time to brainstorm, document, and reflect. AI helps companies in a multitude of ways like advancing securityprocessing visual information, and interpreting language. The full application of this technology is still developing and is something many engineers want to dip their feet into.

Business intelligence (BI) analysts & engineers – Big data can provide a ton of operational insight valuable to businesses in all industries. While software is getting better at making decisions for us, there’s still a substantial human component to interpreting information. Developers in BI need to be able to take the output from machines and continually adapt code around projected and actual outcomes, so experienced BI analysts often possess skills that go beyond simply crunching numbers, including skills a program can’t replicate.

Best practices for connecting with candidates

Emerging technologies have created a variety of new and valuable IT skills in AI, cybersecurity, business intelligence, and other technical functions. Utilizing this new tech means creating new roles or cultivating existing positions to capitalize on cutting-edge technology.

Getting the best people in place for these new roles means adapting hiring practices. Being transparent with candidates has become a key component in attracting talent, so make sure to let prospects know what’s expected of them as well as how the company plans to grow around this new frontier of skills they possess. Candidates today also require insights into company culture and other elements affecting the role, as these are just as valued as pay and benefits.

Find the ideal candidates for your IT needs

Here at Codility, we’re passionate about building software that helps businesses screen, interview, and hire the best technical talent. With all these new technologies and roles coming into play, thousands of hiring teams use our hiring tools to identify their strongest developer candidates.

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