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Screen Your Candidates Accurately

Use CodeCheck technical screening to assess real-life development skills, fundamental programming skills, and technical knowledge. 

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Codility CodeCheck helps screen your candidates accurately Codility Candidate Report

Why use CodeCheck?

Improve your tech screening in the ways that matter.

Screen based on technical skills
Save engineering time
Only interview qualified candidates
Better Candidate Experiences
Identify top candidates faster
Reduce unconscious bias
High-scale plagiarism protection

For all your technical roles

Our tech recruiting platform automatically assesses real-life and fundamental development skills, supporting all popular programming languages and frameworks, and covering any technical roles you're hiring. Create your own technical screening questions or select from the Codility library. 

  • Out-of-the-box library of high-quality coding tasks
  • Easy custom task and question creation
  • Automated accuracy and scalability scoring
  • Code playback, solution sandboxes, and style assessment
Codility real-life, programming and technical skills

“With our Codility Sponsored Challenge, we were able to put our brand in front of thousands of talented developers and stand out in a fresh, unique way. We’re also really happy with how much exposure we got in the global developer community.”

Matias di Tada | VP of Product Engineering
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No more false positives or false negatives

Base technical screening decisions on the most accurate signal—real skill.

Experienced in anti-plagiarism

Experienced in Anti-Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the biggest issues affecting the reliability of online technical screening services, and we take it very seriously. CodeCheck relies on a suite of anti-cheating methods for plagiarism protection and detection.

  • Candidates are held to our Code of Conduct before they begin any tech screening session
  • We patrol the web for instances of leaked tech screening tasks and take action when needed
  • Codility's Similarity Check reviews candidate solutions to flag plagiarism concerns
  • We'll provide additional protection with task randomizers or variable tasks for high-scale clients

Codility resolves over 1,905 instances of similarity every month.

Quality is in our DNA

Quality is in Our DNA

From the way we develop coding tasks and score candidates, to how we build and develop CodeCheck itself, everything we do focuses on building a strong and reliable tech recruiting platform. Most importantly, technical screening tasks must pass vigorous testing before reaching our clients. This ensures task descriptions are without ambiguity and that scoring logic is fair.

CTOs, hiring managers, and engineers say they can't live without Codility's library of high-quality technical screening tasks.

Your candidates will thank you

Your Candidates Will Thank You

When entering the recruitment workflow process, candidates feel the pressure to perform. We’ve designed our candidate interface to be simple and intuitive so that it doesn't add unnecessary stress. Our team will coach you through the test creation process so that your coding tests provide great insights into your candidates' coding skills while also balancing candidate experience.

78% of candidates agree that Codility is a fair way to assess their technical skills.

Built to deliver great experiences to both the candidate and the hiring manager

From facilitating 6 million CodeCheck sessions, we've learned how to create a great tech screening experience for both candidates and hiring teams.

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