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Engaging Developers at Work

In today’s world, every company becomes a tech company. As a result, there’s growing urgency that companies are experiencing around a need to build stronger engineering teams. We know from experience that the product is as good as the engineers who build it, so we know how crucial it is to build the right team.

In our 2018 report, we surveyed thousands of developers on their experiences with the tech recruitment process, both as candidates and hiring managers.

This year, we focused on how developers like to work. Do they prefer to work remotely or in the office? Do they test first and what is the impact? Is becoming an Engineering Manager the ultimate goal? If so, do developers know how to get there? Finally, we asked: what makes a great work culture?

A sneak peek of some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Remote work and online learning are becoming conventional
  • Developers are unsure of their promotion path to Tech Manager
  • Dream employers have healthy and friendly work environments
  • Developers that code together feel success more often