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The importance of job leveling for your engineering organization

47 min


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In order to attract and retain the best engineering talent, it is important to have a job leveling system that aligns with clear progression guidelines and the ability for team members to align actions around. This system ensures that engineers are happy with their jobs, are able to grow in their careers, and have visibility. It also helps in identifying the skillsets of your team and helps you plan for future hiring needs. In today’s competitive tech talent market job leveling can often be overlooked but it gives your engineers clarity on what is expected at each level and what progression looks like in your organization making it an essential part of retaining talent.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • How Career frameworks are vital to your engineering team’s success
  • When you should start building your career framework
  • Best practices in creating, communicating and implementing career frameworks


  • Łukasz Jakóbiec

    Engineering ManagerCodility

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